1lb. of Comfrey and Healing Proficincy

I am deeply curious as to what the intended usage rate of Comfrey is… does 1lb. treat 1 person for 1d3 hp, once? I’m talking Alex’s original intent, here.

Yes, that is correct.

Source: http://autarch.co/forum/herb-consumption-0

(Personally, I’ve assumed that 1 lb is the weight of herb + cloth for poultice + packaging material to carry it all, instead of being 1 lb of dried herbs which would be a lot of herbiage!)

Yeah, that makes way more sense. I’ve been thinking of it as 1 lb. of dried leaves…man, that’s a LOT of leaves!

You would not believe how long I searched the forums for a thread like that last night without finding that one.

In my campaign I ruled that a pound of herbs had 5 uses, since 1 lb of dried leaves takes up quite a large volume.

I was thinking of ruling the similarly, with 1lb. covering your Healing Proficiency limit of patients per day, but none of my players have ever clued in to the use of it. What really got me thinking was a play-by-post game where the Judge went with 1lb. per use.