A few questions

In search of new information I ask a few question to see what other people thought/do and maybe get Alex’s insight on his intent.

Arbalest: You can’t use this mounted right?

Thoughts: The mounted dwarf mercenaries don’t have them but the foot ones do. I know you can’t use a long bow on a mount because it is too big, same reasoning?

Mounts: The rider and mount’s armor counts towards the mounts weight limits right?

Thoughts: Does this mean the mounted crossbowmen from above always move slow on mules because Mule 120/60 move 20/40 stone. People weights about 15 stone, armor another 4, weapon 1 and other things he might bring.

How much is a filled Spell book worth?

Thoughts: They would have to be worth something but having to cipher it would be a hassle?

Dwarf Craftpreist: Does his attention to detail work in favor for all the adventuring throws? Like breaking down doors or listening?

Thoughts: They are proficiency rolls from the adventuring proficiency.

Arbalest: There’s no note in the arbalest’s description to indicate that it’s not usable mounted, like there is for the longbow. I have no explanation for the mounted crossbowdwarves’ gear choices, though.

Mounted encumbrance: I would expect that both rider’s gear and mount’s armor would count against encumbrance, yeah. Notably, it was not unusual back when for cavalry to have a pack horse and a warhorse, so that the warhorse wasn’t carrying all their camp gear into battle.

Spellbooks: buying or selling? An identified scroll sells for 1kGP/spell level if I recall correctly. A formula for such a scroll is therefore worth about 500GP/spell level (since you can trade an item for two formulae during advanced character creation). I’d expect a spellbook to be worth about what formulae are worth; you can’t use them directly, but they can be very useful with some follow-up investment.

Craftpriest: I would expect the bonus to apply, but I am not an autarch.

I’m not an Autarch, but I’d say no to the Craftpriest getting the bonus. The phrasing seems to imply that it works for Proficiencies they learn in the future. Moreover, the Adventuring Throws you mention do not require the Adventuring Proficiency; anyone can try and batter a door down, or listen to see what they hear (indeed, in the case of both, any Monster, including Level 0 Humans, would get the same Throw as a 1st Level Human PC). These are not learned in the fashion of Proficiencies. The things Adventuring covers don’t require a Throw, although you could presumably ask for one under certain circumstances. Then again, the whole point of the Adventuring Proficiency is to avoid requiring a Proficiency Throw or a check of a character sheet when a PC wants to perform a mundane task that any adventurer should reasonably be able to do.