A Simple Dungeon I Just Finished Running

So, I finished running my group through a series of small dungeons of varied danger and strength. Because of frequent trips back to town and a clever bit of use on Charm Person they managed to lure half the goblins out of the dungeon along with half the wargs before actually going into the dungeon itself. Now the fight in the night nearly led to a TPK, but with a bit of luck and sniping the group survived.

I had to of course adjust the numbers in the dungeon, raise a subchief to chief and have all sorts of fun tweaking what they would find. Sadly most of the prisoners were dead by the time the party actually cleared the dungeon because of the passage of time.

What I present below is the original design of the dungeon before a large portion of their numbers were weeded out.

Please let me know what you think of it.


Looks great! I actually just randomly rolled a goblin village and will be needing just such a locale for when they decide to delve into it. YOINK

Glad you will give it a shot. I hope it works for you.

Nice dungeon!

As good as integrated into my campaign…

Out of curiosity, what did you use to lay out your PDF?

Yeah, nicely laid out. Good job!

The text was typed up in Word 2010 while the map was made using DungeonCrafter 1.4.1 along with PhotoShop. To make it a PDF I just did it as a print to PDF.

On the map, DungeonCrafter creates a 72dpi image so I use Abode Illustrator to convert it up to a 300dpi via Live Trace. Then I import back to PhotoShop to add text and end up with a print quality map.

Thanks for your kind words. For a better sampling of my layout abilities I suggest you look at Mini Six. I did the layout work for that.

Thanks for the tips. I always like when I see a relatively attractive free product, and am looking at doing some stuff like that for free, so I appreciate the info!

I’ll echo what the others say. The layout is nice and simple and the dungeon is pretty neat, with one exception. The only bit that jars for me is the 2 ghouls in the old well room.

What is bothering me is that they’re there, and left alone, without being somehow blocked in or otherwise prevented from moving around the dungeon. They’ve got free access to the new well, so any goblins going to fetch water had best do so in force - lest they get snatched and eaten. They’ve got free access to room 9, so the torturer (and all the prisoners) could be eaten at almost any time - particularly if the Hunters in Room 8 are out hunting. Also, depending on what instructions the Shaman has given to his wolf skeletons in Room 13 there’s a distinct possibility they could move through that chamber as well.

It’s not a major problem, just a snark really. I’d probably solve it by having the goblins create barricades, or putting doors to Room 14 that have been blocked somehow. Or, alternatively, get rid of the ghouls outright. Sure, they have 2HD and 3 attacks, but there are lot of goblins plus some bugbears, wargs and - particularly - skeletal minions that could be used to exterminate a vile pest.

Other than that, it’s certainly a location that I could drop into a game.