ACKS 2e or not 2e?

Good Day all
I am considering purchasing ACKS 1E in a few hours now I understand that their has been talk of a second edition.
Should I wait for 2e or just get 1e?
Particularly into the economy rules and the player character options.
Was rather interested in the source books.
So much good stuff on Drivethru RPG

Hi! ACKS 2e is a hypothetical at this point and even if I dropped everything and started writing it right now it would be 18 months out.

If there is a second edition, it will be backwards compatible with material in 1e – it’ll be similar to how BECMI codified BX than to anything resembling an edition change in D&D.


Thank you for the prompt response.
Well shall be more than happy to purchase ACKS 1e then.
Are you on Facebook at all ?
Sent a join request for the group on there.
Not heard back.
If you’re more active then more than happy to post stuff I’ve got a huge file of D20 goodness that I’m happy sharing
It clocks on for over 600+ pages.
It’s in a Dropbox folder.

It’s worth noting that there is a wealth of additional, updated and expanded information on the various downtime aspects of the game available in Axioms and via the Patreon (along with a LOT of other stuff).

Overall, there are aspects of the direction 2e is going that I’m not a fan of, but there has been plenty of already released stuff that I have decided to add into my game.

Most ACKS talk appears to happen in Discord.

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Tried to get on that yesterday what a pain that was. Found this by the forum and it’s great though Doh is this discord?
My tech know-how is limited.

There’s a stickied thread with a discord link. I assume it’s a non-expiring invite: Autarch

I was invited yesterday had no idea how to use it once I got there was completely lost.
This I can cope with.
Still miss G+ though
The communities there were great.

I’m not a huge fan of discord for this sort of thing, but apparently it’s what the people want.

Back in my day, get off my lawn, etc …

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Now queer as folk.
Could not make head nor tail of Discord.
Guess I’m old fashioned.
This works great though
Used to it cos of the Runehammer Shield Wall.
Has the same format.

Discord takes a bit to get used to.

The rules that are presented for 2e so far are great, I am really appreciative of them.

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Any highlights you can post would be intriguing

A lot of what is new is being published over time on Axioms - if you haven’t checked out the Autarch Patreon, it’s $1 per month to get some great content.