ACKS and Oriental adventures

ACKS and Oriental Adventures

I’ve been thinking about using ACKS for an upcoming Oriental Adventures campaign. While I was at Gencon, Tavis mentioned that Alex has been using ACKS for his own home campaign with some OA type rules. Alex, would you mind sharing the types of things you’ve changed to use ACKS in an OA type setting?

I’m wondering if you used core ACKS classes and modeled OA stuff with a blend of new and old proficiencies, or did you create new classes? How about the OA style races as race-classes? (I’m eager for the upcoming player’s guide to evaluate the difficulty of converting the classes).

What types of things changed for domains and economics?

Did you add any types of martial arts?

If you were ready to publish specifics, I’m sure you would have, so at this point I’m just asking about the thought process you used for adapting ACKS to an OA setting, and what areas you touched. Although I have to think there would be a ton of interest in this as an article series on or a future supplement.

For my own campaign, I’m thinking of drawing the civilized setting info heavily from a blend of historical research and other games that have traveled this ground (like Bushido) - why recreate the wheel? - and placing most of the exploratory adventures on a mist-shrouded island; the mainland islands would be loosely statted using ACKS and the domain rules, while the dungeon and wilderness exploration would happen off shore.

I’ve enjoyed going through your blog posts on this, Beedo.


Did you have anything worth sharing? Axioms issue for OACKS?

At the time, I ran a hybrid of OA using the ACKS initiative, combat, and domain system, but with 2E character classes, spells, and proficiencies.

If I were to go back and do it again, I would use the rules in Heroic Fantasy Handbook to create an awesome Oriental Adventures game. For magic there would be Buddhist, Shinto, and Taoist inspired ceremonial magic, divided into "natural", "unnatural" and "unclean/polluted" (white/grey/black) magic. Martial Arts training would essentially be bundles of nested proficiencies, and specific classes would have bonus proficiency slots that could only be spent on Martial Arts. Bushido and honor would be a Heroic Code. Ninja would be built like Freebooters (hit hard, low endurance), Samurai similar to Nobiran Champions.


I would love this! Especially specific classes with their own templates. It would be amazing! Martial arts would be epic and I love the idea of magic being natural, unnatural, and unclean or polluted. 


Axioms issue?