ACKS conversion: Balance of GP to XP

One of the dungeon design principles ACKS makes explicit (following in the footsteps of Moldvay Basic, which is also the source for Labyrinth Lord) is that a dungeon should contain a ratio of 4 GP for every 1 XP worth of monsters. This is a guideline rather than a mandate, but that this ratio holds true on average is one of the fundamental economic assumptions of ACKS. Since Dwimmermount could well be an adventuring party’s sole avenue of exploration for many levels of play, achieving this ratio is one of my objectives for the ACKS conversion.

I’ve been using this ratio in my New York Red Box campaign, and find that it works beautifully in actual play. With old TSR products I almost always wind up finding ways to put more treasure.

However the first level of Dwimmermount is remarkably the opposite. There are 1,611 XP worth of monsters, and 14,107 gp on the level as commodities, plus another 18,000 that could be claimed through side adventures (mercantile trading, following treasure maps, etc.)

I will post more about an approach I have in mind soon!

I came up with an idea I like but it contains spoilers, so I put it in the backer-only Dwimmermount forum. We are still working out the best way to automate access to that forum, but for now if you can’t access the backers-only forum just send us an email at with your forum handle and your Kickstarter username and we’ll add your permission manually.