ACKS Exploration/Encounter Cheatsheet

I whipped up a cheat sheet for use when running ACKS.

I thought perhaps someone else might want it as well.

Let me know if that link works, or doesn’t. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome.

Very cool, this is super helpful!
It looks like something like this could be useful for domain-based play too.

Much appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

I forgot that there was already a combat cheatsheet in the back of the ACKS rulebook. I may reformat to include common combat tables.

Hey thats pretty neat!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Would be nice if you could add the rules for the modifier of numbers of monsters encounterd in a dungeon level: Page 242, “Wandering Monsters in the Dungeon” at Point #2. (increase / decrease by one half per level difference)

Great catch, I completely missed that.

I updated the pdf. The same link should be good.

The link isn’t working for me now.

Wow. I deleted the file. I’ll re-add it and report the link.

This should work again.

Still not working, sorry. It keeps saying it’s damaged and only providing a file of 27.5k.

Hmmm. Locally I’ve tried Safari and Chrome and I’ve been able to pull it with both.

What browser are you using?

I’m using Firefox.

Not sure why this doesn’t work for you. However, If you PM me, I’d be happy to send you a copy by email.


This is really great. Thanks so much for putting it together. It was invaluable in my game this week!

Fantastico! I love it hear it. Please, post something in Actual Play about the game. I’d like to hear about people’s delves.

Very sexy. Using flow charts instantly make me feel like I am more knowledgeable, despite evidence to the contrary.


It looks very good.

BTW I used Firefox to get to the pdf and it was fine though not intuitive - I think I had to click ‘get raw’ or something similar.



Interesting. Maybe an http link on the page would be better?

That’s why I put one together. I wanted to be sure to play by RAW, not what I thought the rules were. Let me know how is worked in your next game.