ACKS II Post Kickstarter

Sadly, I missed the ACKS II Kickstarter. Let it be known that I would have eagerly backed it had I been aware it existed, which is very frustrating as I’m quite actively engaged within their platform. But that’s another topic for future discussion.

But now that the kickstarter is complete, what are the options for acquiring a copy of the new version? I’ve spent time trying to get this information elsewhere, and couldn’t get an answer.

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Not to worry! You can be a late backer. Just send either $50 (PDF) or $200 (hardcovers) to via Paypal. Shipping and add-ons will be added later in the pledge manager.


Thank you! Is that information readily available and i just overlooked it? And is there a hard stop date for late backing?

Does this give immediate access to the PDFs, or is it just a way of pre-ordering them when they are done? I’m excited about the Imperial Imprint and I would hate to wait until fall if advanced copies are available now.

Hey I just sent the $50 via Paypal, indicating that it was ACKS II. Will I get a message or something asking for shipping info, or is there something else I need to do now?

Hey I am still hoping to get advance PDFs of ACKS II as a late backer.