ACKS on my Blog

I normally write about (and run games in) D&D4E and Castles & Crusades, but I’ve been so absorbed as I read and try to digest the awesome ACKS core PDF that I felt compelled to post about it on my blog.

Thanks very much for the kind words! Can we add your review to our "What People Are Saying" bar? (I like what you are saying :)

Certainly, would be glad to add to the growing praise for what looks to be a very nice new system!

Thanks, MBeacom. That was some heavy praise indeed.


Well, at least no faces were eaten off. :slight_smile:

I recently finished my readthrough of the hardcopy and am quite impressed. I put up a short review on RPGNow, as there was only one other review and thought it looked kind of lonely. I can’t wait to try to get my group to dig into this game. Thanks a bunch to all involved!