ACKS podcast content

Over at The OSR Podcast my next episode is going to be a general overview of ACKS for folks who haven't heard much about it. Not really that interesting to the ACKS Faithful, but it left me wondering. What kind of content would be interesting to you folks? Its not an ACKS podcast, but I am very fond of ACKs so I'm planning that it'll be a common topic.

Also would any of the Autarch folks be interested in maybe doing an interview.... 

I feel bad that nobody replied to this, but it’s been some years since I really listened to podcasts so I don’t have much to add other than “Good luck!” and bump IMO the thing that podcasts do well compared to blog posts is discourse with multiple casters, the human element, and their strength relative to forums is that they can get higher signal-to-noise ratios (because you have a closed set of casters without internet randos), occasional celebrity drop-ins, and compress a discussion into an hour that might take days on a forum. The downside is that they tend to be sort of soft; they’re not great for really deep rules discussions, things that need references and math, without some very thorough prep. Unless someone is really an expert, you tend to just get opinions (which makes for very listenable background discourse on a commute, but not necessarily very useful).

Thanks, I need all te luck I can get. I'm still working out te kinks, but one thing it will never be is a regular multi-host roundtable, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that format, its just that there are already plenty of great ones out there like Save Or Die, Thacos Hammer, Fear the Boot, and Spellburn. I'm more interested in tips, rule analysis, reviews, and occasional interviews. I'd really like to con some local friends who I've been playing deuling datebooks with into lettin me record us play and edit it into hour-ish episodes but I dont really have the equipment to do that well. 

I'd be interested in hearing some experiences of people using the rules. Not an "actual play" where you record a session. Those can be opaque as to the use of rules and what the GM is actually up to. I'd be more interested in after reports with the GM and players discussing how the game worked for them. Obviously, you would want to lean towards sessions that heavily relied on ACKS special properties, such as economics, domain management, unique classes or even taking some of the systems in Axiom out for a spin. 

I'm going to be taking a similar approach on my podcast soon, but it is the kind of approach that can be done by multiple shows without seeming repetitive as everyone will have their own experiences and insights.