Acrobatics: Tumbling question

  1. From the text (p.57-58):
    “…If successful, the character is behind his opponent. The opponent can now be attacked with a +2 bonus to the attack throw, and gains no benefit from his shield. Thieves and others eligible to backstab an opponent gain their usual +4 on the attack throw and bonus to damage…”

Now is this a very ambiguous way of saying “Thieves and others eligible to backstab an opponent do not gain this bonus…”. or does it mean that a thief or other classes eligible to backstab who succeeds in the proficiency throw will get the +2 acrobatics bonus and their +4 backstab bonus?

This ability triggers a thief’s backstage ability because normally a thief cannot use backstage after combat even if behind an opponent. But characters without backstage/ambush still get a +2 to hit.

So, does that mean that they don’t get both bonuses?

They do not get both bonuses, no.

If you're a thief-type, you get +4 and backstab; otherwise you get +2.

So, basically, the acrobat gets to attack as if the opponent were surprised!

(Surprise! STAB!)

Yup. And at high levels, they can more or less pull it off every round. Kind of all the benefits of the various tricks to provide flanking or flat-footed, without all the bothersome tracking of position and placement. :wink: