Address change

I’ve emailed the support address a couple of times, but have yet to get a response. I backed the Players Companion and my address has changed since my contribution. Will this affect me? I can’t find a way to change my address on Kickstarter and don’t want my book shipped to my old address as it will be lost that way. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Email me at alex at autarch dot co and I'll make sure this gets taken care of. Sorry for the confusion on our end!

Hmmm… it looks like Autarch (or any Kickstarter creator) is supposed to “send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward”, which includes mailing addresses. I have not received this survey.

Has this been anyone’s experience? Did people received this request when ACK went out? If so was it when the project was funded or just before shipping?

oops. Meant to reply to my own thread. I apologize.

We are waiting on sending the survey until stuff is ready to ship in order to avoid having to make changes! (The exception is reward levels where you got the pre-print from GaryCon.) Ronald, sorry for the delay in replying to you and we'll be sure to get it to your correct address.