Adventurer Conqueror King Books Are On Their Way

We’re pleased to confirm that the Adventurer Conqueror King System books have been shipped. To everyone who has a hardback or softcover coming from the Kickstarter or pre-order: it is in the mail!

We’re working with Game Salute to fulfill these orders. Questions about your shipment can be best answered by contacting Game Salute - although don’t hesitate to communicate with us through Kickstarter or at either.

Please accept our apologies for the delay between when we had the books at Gary Con and when you’ll be getting them. One of the many pieces of wisdom we’ve picked up from Game Salute is that it is best to have everything ship to backers at once. Arranging for all the pieces (hardbacks, softcovers, and signed pre-release copies of the Player’s Companion) to come together at this warehouse to make this possible has taken a little while. In retrospect some ways we could have done this better are evident. We appreciate that you’ve been there for us since the beginning, and hope you’ll stick with us as we learn from experience; Dwimmermount and the final release of the Player’s Companion will definitely benefit from lessons learned.

We look forward to hearing about how you’ll use your Adventurer Conqueror King System books - share your stories with us at the Autarch forums, we do in fact want to hear about your character!

Does that include those of us who pre-ordered after the Kickstarter closed? I see my order (2263) as unfulfilled still and was wondering if it will be winging my way anytime soon…