Adventures in the Wasteland

First Session
I am using B4 as an intro, and we played for 90 minutes today. Character creation had been taken care of already so we were able to start with the intro to the module as written and then the party climbed up and entered the opened secret door.
The traps in the first room did a number on two of the party members and they retreated outside to recover. Camping outside but on top of the ziggurat, the party set a cold camp but had a watch. The random encounter roll indicated goblins; I lowered the number from 7 to 6 just to keep things even. The party had two people keeping watch while the other two slept, the battle was on.
The party consists of a Fighter, Thief, Elf Ranger and Bladedancer. The fighter (Morgan) and the thief (Brandy) were on watch while the ranger (Rhialla and Nera the dancer slept). Both groups were surprised but finally there was some recovery and while Morgan was almost knocked into negatives the party won out. Recovering much needed food and water from the goblin hunting party…
Waiting more so they could actually recover some of the hit points lost from the traps, they finally descended down the ladder into the ziggurat. Morgan went down first and was surprised by the Fire Beetles, he was down and out by time Brandy came down…she fared little better going down in the next round. Nera came down and was swinging well right away, she was able to hold off the beetles until Rhialla came down and the two of them made short work of the beetles.
We had to end here but all around the four players were thrilled with how fast things went.
((Side note: I sponsor the high school game club where I work and this year I have all girls, six of them and though we were missing two they really want to continue with the game instead of finishing off something else we were playing. Normally I have all boys but in the last few years the numbers have reversed themselves and that makes for an interesting dynamic.))

This sounds awesome! Keep up w/ the play reports!

Ronin, I have noticed an increased percentage of female gamers myself. I wonder if it is because male gamers get drawn off by “the shiny” of videogames, leaving girl gamers to enjoy the role-play and story of tabletop.
Anyway, the campaign sounds like it’s off to a great start!

It’s a lucky GM who has a playgroup that gets excited, not upset, when their characters get slaughtered.
Keep us updated!

Well today we continued and we had Brandy (Thief) and Morgan (Fighter) who were out leaving Rhialla and Nera, but Nera was just hanging on. Rhialla thought to explore one of the three doors, moving quietly…she discovered a secret door and a regular door but came back to where Nera was.
They decided to make camp in the room where everyone fell. ((Rolling on the chart we found that Brandy would not be force marching anytime soon and that Morgan was now susceptible to Holy Water.)) While resting a group of Warrior Maidens discovered them and with some fast talking and good roleplaying Rhialla was able to save all the women in the group…Morgan though was said to have come under the sway of Zargon and needed to be put down.
The group then settled in with the Warrior Maidens and became members…everyone but Nera. Brandy came out of her negative state after a few days of care and the party was introduced to two other new members of the group who were also outsiders. Kelsay and Myrrin, a shaman and fighter…both females. During the next few days rest was the order of business but Nera at one point wandered off and was ambushed by a neanderthal looking man, he started dragging her away. The rest of the group noticed that Nera had disappeared and went in search…they saw the neanderthal man dragging her away and this is where we stopped…until next week.