Against the Giants: campaign using ACKS

Over at my Obsidian Portal site:, I’ve started logging my sessions of play.

We’re using RAW ACKS, and so far really enjoying it. Got a ‘needs work’ Maptools campaign file with macros for it, which I’ll post once I’m happy with it. It’s far from perfect, but does the job.

I really like the Mortal Wounds table, which has saved the lives of two PCs so far.

I’ve been following your blog - very fun stuff!

Thanks Alex.

I suppose that you are creating your own MapTools setting, but in case you are interested, I have created one that I think is usable by now. You can find the details at

Please let me know if you try it, I am looking for feedback to improve it.


I shall take a look, thanks. I have done my own, which is no the most elegant thing. It’s in the forum somewhere.

Just posted a new update on the tenth session of the campaign (see link in first post).

That's' a great session report! The evil priest's use of Command was awesome ("fall!")

The players were lucky the evil priest and the ghouls retreated. It sounds like they were about to be wiped had the guards not shown up.

Yeah, I’m guessing that would have happened: and if it had, that would have been the third time that group have lost their entire party to ghouls. Thankfully the priest was badly wounded, and a failed morale check called for a retreat. Shame they didn’t want to follow them into the catacombs though, although I understand why not.

Looked at yours and I like it. Haven’t used it yet, but I’m going to give it a go when I write up my next adventure and prep Map Tools for it.

More from the campaign, as the party delves into the Hammers of the God LotFP adventure…

All but one PC is now level 2, and that character (Zarkov) will reach level after Corvin reaches level 3!

Great sessions - sounds like the campaign is progressing well. They are past the death-trap that is level 1.

There’s been three close-calls, but the Mortal Wounds table has been kind to them :slight_smile:

New play report:

Poor Corvin! It's funny that he's both the most injured and scarred, and the highest level.


Yeah, that amused me too :slight_smile: Especially as he is now 2 levels above poor Zarkov, who is still level one :slight_smile:

Latest report:

First go at using the Tampering with the soul table. Great fun. The dwarf vaultguard is now an alcoholic.

That's awesome! To be fair, I'd be an alcoholic, too, if I'd gone through what your PCs are going through. We often joke that "cure light wounds" must have a serotonin effect that helps prevent the post-traumatic stress disorder that the PCs would otherwise all be enduring.

In general, I think watching the slow physical and mental transformation of the adventurers as they take wounds is one of my favorite parts of an ACKS campaign. It's a lot more subtle than "you lose a level" or "-1 CON" but the randomness and permanence of the "Tampering" table ends up being really scary.

In the campaign I just completed, the group early on was too non-chalant about the effects of death, and by level 3 the characters were so f**ked up that several of them committed suicide in despair. (The players re-rolled). The new adventurers were more circumspect.




Didn't someone just post rules for alcohol too?!

Have they? I’ll have to take a look.

Just started another game with my other group, but the first session killed them all off! They too used to new school ways of playing. Starting again next time.

Play report from Monday night’s game:

Tested my alcoholic house-rules, which were ok, but the dwarf found a way around it, and could well avoid too many side effects; we’ll see how it goes next week.