Animal Husbandry/Healing

Or: Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a veterinarian.

If a PC has two ranks in Animal Husbandry (thereby assuming 1 rank in Healing), and takes a rank of Healing, can he assume to operate as if he had two ranks in Healing? Or does the training "override" the guesswork from Animal Husbandry?

Major objection being that, if so,  3 ranks Husbandry + 1 Rank Healing ~= 3 Ranks Husbandry, 3 Ranks Healing - 6 profs for the cost of 4. Then again, aside from disease indentification, actual healing of damage kinda resembles the same between humans and animals, barring a few mechanical differences? Guts is guts?


I think you'd have to re-learn the basics. So if you had 3 ranks in Animal Husbandry you wouldn't get any benefit from Healing proficiency until Healing 3.