any one up playing a game on Google plus Hangouts

Are there any European based board members who fancy trying out the Dwimmermount dungeon using this ?

I can run a game most week day nights from 8pm British Summer time. I would obviously prefer to run it using ACK but I am prepared to use labyrinth Lord if thats what the majority of players want

I ran the first session of the playtest levels last night on I had three players who had never heard of dwimmermount or played any old school dnd. For rules I used Labyrinth Lord with the Mortal Wounds chart from ACK. It went pretty well with only one near death from a illusion.

As for playtest feed back

I had to make up random encounter chart. The room description for Room 10 is missing, also some indication of the value of some the items found in some of the rooms like for example the trapped war masks. My players managed to disarm one and will be wanting to sell it.

I plan to run another session on the 25th of April if anyone is interested

I would be very interested if the time would work at all. When would you being doing this?

Hi, Hawkwind, SkrivenerB!

I’m in North America and unfortunately not available for British evenings (too bad I don’t still live in York!), but I am interested in playing online. I was hoping for a sort of play-by-post game, possibly still integrating Google+, or failing that, email or a forum. While this will naturally take longer, I think it might end up being more detailed and narratively rich. Speaking as a player, I’m entirely happy to have the DM roll dice on their end as part of adjudication.

No worries if this isn’t really what you’d imagined, but if this does sound like anyone’s cup of tea, let me know.

Hi, I would be interested in playing online (as a player). While living in Europe, I would actually prefer a play-by-post game, via a forum (RPol for instance) or e-mail. Cheers!

Great to hear! For any judges out there, that makes at least two players willing to commit to online play. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’s worth starting another thread outside the Dwimmermount sub-forum? While Dwimmermount looks compelling, I would also be interested in play within one of the homebrew worlds described in the [AP] forum.

Sorry every one I have not been checking this forum for a few weeks.

I have a sort of on going game running on at I have 4 players for that( the login page shows none as we don’t use the character sheet hosting service) and I am happy run an alternative session’s for additional players if there is enough interest. is still free to use and is in my experience a btter platform for gaming than google plus at the moment

Hello Hawkwind, Thanks for your offer! I am interested and will try to contact you via

Thanks for the reply, Hawkwind. I’ve written you on Infrno, and I look forward to playing with you, Thieran, and any other takers sometime soon!

There is a thread on the inferno forum to discuss availability here

For rules I am using a hybrid mash up of labyrinth lord and ACK, generally its Labyrinth lord/AEC for classes and races a few bits of ACK’s behind the scenes.

The reason for this though I prefer ACK to lab lord there is a free version of Lab Lord rules available legally.

If there is ever a free online version of ACK available I would use that.

I’m unfortunately in Canada and won’t be able to make those sessions, but I’m going to start another thread for players interested in a play-by-post game. Have fun!

I ran the second session on Wednesday, the genaral wierdness of the dungeon is going down well with players and i am looking forward to the party finding out where all the orcs are coming from!

The amount of treasure seems a bit high in places, The party encountered three groups of orcs and between the three groups there are 3000gp + of treasure! Given that the orcs are “manufactured” on a lower level you wonder where they found all this wealth!

Most of the gold has been spent by the party on healing mortal wounds ( I love that chart!) so no real harm done as they seem to be in the right place xp wise

I will need a bit more of the dungeon soon though as we have done half the first level already!

Though I haven’t played in Dwimmermount yet, I had also thought, when reading through the Path of Mavors, that the amount of treasure to be found is frequently quite high.

I am running this on and there is still room for new players