[AP] Map of Sandboxium

I’ve published the map of my “Principality of Sandboxium” campaign (http://frikoteca.blogspot.com/2012/03/mapa-fisico-de-sandboxium.html). It’s the first time I use Hexographer to make a map, and I’ve found it very user-friendly :).
The core of the map is the fine “Blackmarsh” map by Robert Conley, adding some ideas from the “Wilderlands” chapter from “Points of Light 1” and putting some mountains here and some jungles there ;).
In the map there’s only one city, Blackmarsh, the capitol of the Principality, but I plan to put a political map of the region as soon as possible. Most of the civilized lands (duchies, counties and marches) are to the west and south of Blackmarsh.
I was having problems with the population and numer of hexagons of the domains until I settled for a simple rule: baronies occupy half an hexagon instead of one full hexagon. That way, the number of subdomains of a duchy, march or county and the number of hexagons it occupies “fit”. At least for me ;).

Looks pretty nice. I’ll have to check out Hexographer and see how well it works for my own maps.
I’m constantly torn; I love hand-drawn maps (and I’ve been told I do a good job of them) but I really, really enjoy the nostalgia flavor of spiffy hex-maps.

I love hand-drawn maps, too, but this time I needed a “useful” more than a “pretty” map ;). A map I can use at a game, to easily measure distances, for example.
Of course, I can always hand-drawn a map for the players and keep this one for myself :smiley:

I use that solution, since then I can put clever or interesting errors into the player’s map. (I hope!)