[AP] Sundered Empires

"Now, this fight brought up a number of little nits with the system.  The Sleep spell is not explained very well.  Or specifically, the area and how it is targeted.  By my reading of the ACKS version, it effects the targets you want it to, so there is no danger of sleeping your own party.  This seems extremely powerful, but otherwise I’m not sure how to play it.  Also, initiative.  I’ve been letting the player’s hirelings act on their initiative (rather than rolling for each pc and hireling separately).  This is good for speed of play, but feels a bit awkward (especially when a high dex bladedancer is rolling the initiative for a group of 4 characters).  I’ll probably not do anything about this though simply as any other choice would be too difficult to implement in actual play."

APM: Another great session report! A few thoughts in response to points you raised.

Townhouse - 1st level adventurers on their way to 2nd level are almost as wealthy as master smiths. It's well within the means of a group of such adventurers to buy a town house.

Sleep -  You are correct that in ACKS the Sleep spell effects the targets you want it to, with no danger of sleeping your own party.

Initiative - In my home campaign we use the RAW and roll initiative for each named PC and NPC, and for each identical set of creatures.  Once your players get used to it, it runs just as fast as having the NPCs go at the same time as the PC, and is actually more fun, because it breaks up the action. 

For example, let's say Bob, Steve, and Luke each have 1 PC and 2 NPCs. If each NPC goes at the same time as the PC, then the turn order is going to be more-or-less, Bob/Bob/Bob/Steve/Steve/Steve/Luke/Luke/Luke, or some variant thereof. If you separate out the PCs from the NPCs die rolls, you will get Bob/Luke/Steve/Luke/Steve/Bob/Bob/Steve/Luke, or some variant thereof. So each person has more opportunities to jump in and less time spent waiting. Just do an initiative countdown 10...9...8...7... down to 1.

Also, if NPCs act on their PC's die roll, it's a huge benefit to have all the NPCs work for the highest DEX PC. That's obviously a grotesque rules distortion.






Hey Alex. Glad you are enjoying the APRs. Thanks for taking time to address my questions/concerns as well!

The thing about the initiative for everyone: every PC who can have hirelings has as many as they can find. This means that even if only two players show up, they often go exploring with a 8-10 person party. If I have three or more players, I’ve had 16 characters going at once. I don’t know about keeping track of that many people.

However, saying that, I do like the idea of mixing up their actions so that a) they are less cohesive as a unit and b) the players get to act multiple times in the round. It does suck for the guy with the low charisma though!

Glad to know that the townhouse thing is in the right ball park. I noticed that you have a chart showing monthly costs for characters of X level. What’s the incentive to PCs to live like that? Do you consider that spending for reserve xp?

Good to know I was doing the sleep spell right! Thanks!

Again, I’m glad you are enjoying reading my reports and we are glad to be playing your game! :slight_smile:

Newest play report is up:

Newest play report is up:

Great session report! I love that the mages' familiar is a dragonfly. Really cool idea.


Cool, thanks! I wish I could take credit for that, but that’s all him. At first he wanted a flying lizard, but then thought a ‘bug theme’ might be cooler. I figured, meh, why not? I said it had the same stats as a regular bird basically, but otherwise, sure. So, there you go! If they ever go into a sylvan wood, I’ll probably have more of them show up.

Newest session report is up:

Who is the artist "Simmguy" that you've pasted on your blog? He needs to be doing art for ACKS!

Also, this:


“See, your friend just got killed by an elf,” Alfric said.  “That means he goes to orc hell.  Now, if you tell us what we want to know, you get to get killed by a dwarf so you can die with some dignity.”

These guys need to work on their interrogation routine.

After some back and forth, and false promises, Alfric found out where the rest of them were and how many of them there were.  Alfric chopped of one of the orc’s legs and then told him he was free to go.  “Liar,” the orc screamed in pain, “Betrayer!”

“Would you have treated us any different?” Lucian asked.

“Touche,” the orc said.  “I see what you did there.”


Laugh-out-loud funny. That may have been the Platonic ideal of every RPG interrogation of orcs, ever.

Simmguy is a friend of mine who should join us playing D&D/Acks for the first time tonight.

If you are serious, I imagine he’d claw a relative’s eyes out for freelance work. I can pass you his details.

And thanks for that! Glad it made you laugh. I agree it was pretty perfectexample of pc ‘negotiation’ and brought a lot of laughs when it happened. :slight_smile:

Please do! We're always looking for artists. I'll email him ASAP if you pass his details.


Additional session report addendum to Session Report 10:

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Twenty Questions about the setting:

I really dig your setting! I love how you were able to seamlessly incorporate ACK's "tropes" into your world. If I didn't know ACKS's tropes I wouldn't have even noticed them. Amazing synthesis skillz.

Also, your descripton of "who are the highest level characters" was a great idea. I need to crib that concept.

Wow, thanks a lot. :smiley:

Actually, I’d love to see the ‘mightiest characters’ in your campaign world too, now that I think of it. Share! Share! :slight_smile:

New Session Report is up, now with giant talking rats!


I think Rage Claw is my favorite character! It seems like the Thrassian pc class is really working out well in your campaign.

Rage Claw has been indeed made of awesome. I have a new pic of him from Simmguy that will show up in the next play report that makes him look even more awesome. I do have concerns with the natural armor and 3 attack routine (you’ll see him do some crazy crap later on). But from an RP perspective, he’s a lot of fun!

After a long break, here’s the next Session Report: