App for Calculating Environmental and Racial Modifiers

I bought ACKS for the verisimilitude. It gave me a step-by-step system to figure out everything from Baronies to Empires, and it’s flipping sweet. Unfortunately, it also takes forever and can be kind of tedious, especially the trade route stuff.
So I’m developing some tools to simplify it. You can find my first Work-in-Progress here:
It’s designed to apply Environmental and Racial modifiers to a hex’s Demand.
Comments appreciated! Right now I’ve got it locked down to editing, since it’s still going, but feel free to copy the code.

Parker, we’ve got a volunteer mailing list for working on projects like this, and yours looks like it’ll be a great contribution! Send me your email at and I’ll add you to the list.

Could you add me to the list as well? I’ve been working up a Domain creation spreadsheet - and sent v1 to Alex last week. I’ll mail you as well Tavis.

This is very helpful - thanks for doing this!

It is finished! At least, that sheet is. I’m playing with a few other things, but the racial/environmental mods are done. Take a look! And if you’ve got the time, check my work–copying it over from the table by hand left a lot of room for human error.