Ascendant Character Archetypes - PL 20 / 640 CP

Crimefighters, Vigilantes, Ascendants! I have assembled a roster of seven pre-generated character archetypes for your use. Each is a 640 CP character with Power Level 20.

These archetypes can be used as characters for a campaign if you want to jump into play right away. More importantly, they serve to demonstrate how to build archetypical types of heroes at a fixed power level. Even though they’re all at Power Level 20, you’ll see they are wildly different in their capacities and style.

Obviously each archetype is inspired by a familiar hero from pop culture, but since these are intended as introductory archetypes I haven’t attempted to make ersatz versions of any particular entity. Instead, each of these archetypes is built (a) to be tough enough to withstand mistakes by new players in casual play, (b) to be highly effective at its own niche, and (c) to be simple enough for new players to understand without having to master a lot of esoteric rules.

I attempted to limit each character to just one or two more advanced mechanics. The most complex character is the Dark Detective, as he has Minions and Singular Invention, with the Psychic in second place, as he has a Power Pool. The Blaster, Bulldozer, Champion, and Speedster are very straightforward.

These archetypes will be fleshed out further for an eventual commercial release with art, but they’re free for use now as-is! Please let me know if there are other archetypes you think we should create, and feel free to add others below. If you do, please keep them at 640 CP / PL 20 following the approach above. (It’s great to create other characters, too, just not in this thread.)

THE BLASTER: A handsome and popular NASA astronaut ascends into cosmic powers after experiencing the Overview Effect on a spaceflight. Now she has cosmic blasts, forcefields, and flight.

THE BULLDOZER: A salt-of-the-earth construction worker ascends into a mighty titan when he is struck by a bulldozer. The bulldozer is halted in its tracks, because now HE is the bulldozer.

THE CHAMPION: An electrician working at a nuclear power plant who ascends when an accident exposes him to what should have been lethal radiation. Now he has atomic-powered strength, toughness, and flight. But exposure to additional uranium overloads him, causing grave damage and loss of powers.

THE DARK DETECTIVE: A wealthy tech genius fights crime from the shadows using high-tech gadgets. He has ascended to be at peak human abilities in every skill, wears a custom suit of battle armor, and wields a deadly boomerang.

THE GLADIATOR: A street fighter with a sharp temper and an edgy fighting style prone to berserker rages ascends into a veritable killing machine that hurts you almost as fast as he heals.

THE PSYCHIC: While tripping on LSD to celebrate the 60s, an aging hippie-turned-psychiatrist unlocks powerful psionic powers. Slow and weak in physical combat, he creates an impenetrable forcefield and then attacks you with his mind.

THE SPEEDSTER: A bond trader living life in the fast lane finds his heart starts to race when the stress mounts… and then he starts racing all over. His only weakness: the calming effects of Clonopin or Levitee.

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Howabout a Power Armor archetype? I haven’t seen much in the book with regards to how to set up an Iron Man type hero. There does does not seem to be a Power Set for Techy Armor. Just some stats for ancient kinds of body armor.

Great question! Power Armor is actually very easy to do in Ascendant. You just build your hero as if he were a mutant, then you assign the Vulnerable State: Deprived of Device drawback to him.

For instance, look at the Champion archetype. He has a Vulnerable State triggered by uranium within 0 SPs that lasts for the duration of the proximity to uranium. This offers a 5% refund.

We simply replace that with Vulnerable State - Deprived of Battle Armor (can be removed as an automatic action if Champion is unconscious, paralyzed, or unable to resist). This also offers a 5% refund.

Now our ersatz Superman is an ersatz Iron Man. Instead of losing his superpowers when exposed to uranium, he loses his superpowers when removed from his battlesuit.

You could of course change up the build to better match a Tony Stark vibe, but the point is that Device-based heroes are incredibly easy to build, because you can make any or all of your powers be based on Devices.

If you look at the builds for both Avangard and Maximum Leader in the book, they both have power armor that supplies some of their powers.

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These are truly excellent, thank you!

I look forward to seeing more of these. :slight_smile:

I’m coming in from Mutants and Masterminds, and one of the big strengths of that system was there were tones of fan made builds floating around on the internet for canon characters from Marvel, DC, Image, different Manga and Anime, movies, ext.

I’m hoping to see that here.

Bonus points if they can roll out a character builder similar to Chummer or Shadowrun or Herolab for several systems.

Agreed. Character creation and character templates are urgent necessities for the game. A Herolab-type software offering is also a top priority.

Great templates! I will absolutely making them available for players in my upcoming game if they’d like.

I think there might be a typo on the Champion’s Drawbacks, or I am misunderstanding them.

The given modifier for his Vulnerable State is 5%, but when I multiply out the rarity (10%), Proximity (25%), and Duration (80%) I get 2%.

Similarly he is given 8 CP back for the Adverse Response, but the SPs of Adverse Response (5) multiplied by the Discount-per-SP (8), Rarity (10%), Proximity (100%), and Duration (80%) yields 3.2 CP.