Ascendant Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 1 FAQ
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Chapter 2 FAQ
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Chapter 3 FAQ
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Chapter 4 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 4 will be found here.

Force Control
When a Force Controller makes a construct with Aura, Blast, or Strike, what damage types can it deal?
A Force Construct will deal either Bludgeon, Lacerating, or Penetrating, depending on the shape of the Construct. A Power Stunt (1 Hero Point) will permit other damage types.

If my character is Stuck by Glue such that my Speed is reduced to 0 SPs, is my DV reduced to 0 if I am defending myself with Deflection?
No, Deflection is not affected by Glue. As noted in the rules, “The foregoing notwithstanding, Glue does not affect Deflection.”

Imagine a character that has the Invention Power and Singular Invention Perk. Could the character invent his own Singular Inventions, changing them over time? For instance, assume he has 200 CP of Invention and 500 CP worth of Singular Inventions. Could he invent a 200-CP Invention, move it “out” of his Invention pool and into his Singular Invention pool, and then Invent something else, repeating until he has a total of 700 CP of Inventions?
Yes, he can. Invention + Singular Invention is an excellent combination for such characters. Don’t forget, however, that the character’s Power Level limits will be reduced by having Singular Inventions, so what he gains in breadth he will lose in depth of power.

Does Invisibility affect the Devices, Inventions, or Objects a character carries or picks up?
A character’s Devices are always affected by his Invisibility. Other Objects worn or carried by a character when he becomes Invisible, or picked up while Invisible, will be or become Invisible if the following criteria apply:

  • The Object has a Weight at least 3 SPs less than the character’s Weight
  • The Object has a Height no greater than the character’s Height
  • The Object does not have the Cumbersome or Long Reach modifiers and carrying it does not encumber the character.

For instance, an Invisible character with Height 0 and Weight 3 could wear a ballistic armor suit (Height 0, Weight 0) or a spy catsuit (Height 0, Weight -2) without compromising his stealth, but if he wore a Hazmat Suit (Height 0, Weight 1) the Hazmat Suit would be visible. He could carry a Submachinegun (Height -2, Weight -2) undetected, but a Flamethrower (Height 1, Weight 1) would be visible.

Mind Domination
If you use Mind Domination and succeed with a particular color (e.g. Yellow), can you try again later in order to get a better color result? If so, would the Dominated character still get to use its RES as the DV? What happens if you get a worse color result? Does the Dominated character have to break free of the original or later color result?"
Yes, you can try again. The Dominated character can still use its RES as the DV, and can still spend Hero Points to decrease the RV. If you get a worse color result, you still retain your original (better) result. The Dominated character has to break free against the best color result you achieved.

“If a Mind Dominator has Dominated a target, and orders the target to walk into traffic, or otherwise commit self-harm, does the target get an opportunity to break free before it carry out the order, or only at the end of its Panel?”
Normally, a target attempts to break free from Mind Domination at the end of its Panel. If the target is ordered to take an action that will irrevocably harm itself or a loved one, the Gamemaster could permit the target to make its Challenge Check to break free just prior to the action. If the target succeeds, he breaks free and his panel immediately ends. If the target fails, he carries out the action(s) and his panel ends. He would not get another attempt to break free at the end of that panel.

Mind Reading
Is the target of Mind Reading aware of the attempt?
By default, the target is not aware of the attempt. (The target may still ‘subconsciously’ spend Hero Points, however.) A Mind Reader might possess a Power Flaw that makes their Mind Reading obvious to the target, however.

Can you attack through a Portal with Blast, Cone, or Explosion?
Yes. “Powers can used through the Portal, subject to the limitations of Spotting.” However, the distinct geometry of a Portal would have interesting implications for the area of effect on the far side, depending on where the attacker is standing when he uses his Power.
In general, an Explosion used point-blank at a Portal would manifest as a Cone on the far side of the Portal; the explosive sphere on this side of the Portal would be missing the “pie slice” created by the Portal’s obstruction.

Power Dampening
If you Power Stunt with a Power that has been Dampened, can you still use the Power’s full CP cost to calculate the Power Stunt?
Yes. However, the Power Stunt is limited to the SPs of the Power after Dampening is applied. For instance, if you use a Power with 15 SPs that costs 200 CP, which has been Dampened to 5 SPs, you still have 200 CP to build your Power Stunt but your maximum SPs for the Stunt will only be 5 SPs.

Technology Control
What is the difference between a hacker using a computer with Deep Networked Tech Control and a hacker using Science (Computers)?
The intent of the rules was that the hacker has to have SPs of Science (Computers) at least equal to the SPs of Deep Networked Tech Control on his computer or other object, similar to how a doctor using a Methodical Biochemical Lab needs X SPs of Science to use X SPs of the Power. This will be addressed in errata.

Chapter 5 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 5 will be found here.

Alternate Form versus Vulnerable State: Caught out of Costume
If I want to build a character like Shazam, do I use Alternate Form or Vulnerable State?
For a character like Shazam (Captain Marvel), you would use Vulnerable State: Caught out of Costume, as Billy Batson is much weaker than Captain Marvel. You would get a decrease in CP cost because of the fact that you sometimes have to be Billy Batson and not have access to your powers.

Missing Perks
What Perk would I use to sustain powers while asleep but not otherwise unconscious?
No such Perk is available in the rules. The Lucid Dreamer perk, below, could be used with your Gamemaster’s permission.

Lucid Dreamer: The character can sustain Sustained powers when enjoying natural sleep. He cannot sustain his powers when knocked unconscious by damage or effects, however. Cost: 10 CP.

Missing Drawbacks
What Drawback would I use to model a socially-clueless character? He’s not Unlikeable, just inept at judging the emotional state of the room, as it were.
No such Drawback is available in the rules. The Oblivious drawback, below, could be used with your Gamemaster’s permission.

Oblivious: The character is unable to observe social cues. When interacting with NPCs, he never knows their Attitude, and cannot tell the difference between Friendly, Indifferent, Avoidant, and Hostile NPCs. His DVs for Charisma checks to persuade, intimidate, or interrogate NPCs and Crowds are always secret. Refund: 2 CP.

Chapter 6 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 6 will be found here.

Repairing Objects
Could I build a self-repairing wearable object by purchasing Regeneration that applies to the object, even if I have already purchased Regeneration as a power that applies to the object’s wearer?
Yes. You’d purchase Regeneration twice, paying the additional cost for the SPs of Regeneration that would repair the object itself.

Chapter 7 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 7 will be found here.

Taking Actions
Can a character undertake a Challenge Action, spend Hero Points to increase his RV to where he can automatically succeed, and thereby only expend an Automatic Action?
Yes. This use of Hero Points is an excellent way to gain a temporary boost of Speed, for instance, by Moving All-Out automatically.

Power Stunts
Can I make a Power Stunt using a Skill?
Yes, you can Power Stunt with a Skill as if you were Power Stunting with an Enhanced Attribute, using the CP cost of the Primary Attribute plus the CP cost of the Skill. The maximum SP of the Power Stunt is equal to the Skill - 5. The plausible Power Stunts will, of course, be limited by the Skill used.
For instance, you might plausibly use Intimidation to Power Stunt Emotion Adjustment (fear) and Persuasion to Power Stunt Emotion Adjustment (agreeableness) but not vice versa.

Chapter 8 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 8 will be found here.

What are the mechanics for breaking through an obstacle to attack someone?
If you want to break through an obstacle to ram a target, you compare your MIG/Super-Strength or your Weight + Speed versus the obstacle’s Break DV. If your AV is equal to or greater than the DV, then you can simply expend an Automatic Action to break through the obstacle and continue your movement.
Alternatively, you can make a Ramming Attack against the obstacle, using your Ramming AV against its DV (usually 0). If you deal enough Damage to Destroy the target, you can continue to move at your current Speed -2 to ram the target behind it. Note that this results in a -2 penalty to your Ramming EV, and is equivalent mathematically to multi-attacking the wall and your actual target simultaneously (-1/-1).

What are the mechanics for shooting through an obstacle to hurt someone taking cover?
If you want to shoot or stab through an obstacle, then the obstacle’s SPs of TOU is simply treated as SPs of Protection against your attack. (If the obstacle itself has SPs of Protection that are higher than its own TOU, then use the obstacle’s Protection instead.) In this case the obstacle is just acting like armor.
If the “obstacle” is actually a vehicle, and the target is actually Crew inside its Interior Capacity, then the target is better protected by space, chassis, etc. The EV of your attack is reduced by the difference between the vehicle’s Weight and its Interior Capacity, and then Protection is applied based on the vehicle’s Protection. (The EV is not reduced if the attack is an Area of Effect attack.)
If you cannot see the target on the other side of the obstacle when you make your attack, the attack will count as a Blind Attack, suffering a -2 AV if Melee and -4 AV if Ranged.

What happens if I am caught in the area of effect of an attack, but am sheltering behind an obstacle?
Both you and the obstacle you are sheltering behind are attacked. The obstacle is attacked and damaged using its own DV, Protection, TOU, and Durability. You are attacked using your own Attributes, but you damage you take is also reduced by SPs of Protection equal to the object’s SPs of TOU/Protection.
For example, imagine a rubbled downtown warzone. You are sheltering behind a 5’ x 5’ wall from a brownstone townhouse. The wall has TOU 7, Durability 120, Protection 5. An 8 SP grenade blows up next to the wall. The wall is attacked at AV 8 vs DV 0, for a Red result that deals 256 Damage. After subtracting its 5 Protection, 249 Damage destroys the wall. Meanwhile, you are attacked at AV 8 vs your AGI/Combat Sense. You will receive an additional 24 points of Protection from the wall’s 7 SPs of TOU.

Reserving Actions
Am I allowed to take my Automatic Action and/or Challenge Actions at any point during my Movement Action?
Not usually. By default, each of your Actions takes place sequentially. However, you can Reserve one (and only one) Action to take place when a trigger condition is met. By Reserving an Automatic or Challenge Action to do X when Y occurs prior to undertaking your Movement Action, you can interrupt your Movement Action when the trigger occurs, take the triggered Action, and then complete your Movement Action.

Can I have more than one Action reserved? Can I have more than trigger?
You cannot reserve more than one Action at a time. However, you can have multiple triggers used in conjunction such as “If X or Y, then…” or “if X and Y, then…”

When I undertake a Movement Action, do I have to decide my destination before I start moving, or can I just roam around as desired, deciding each SP or Battle Area I move what I’ll do next?
You have to decide your destination before you start moving.
However, you can make your destination conditional on what happens as you move. E.g. “I will fly across Capital City until I reach the Statue of Fortune or until I spot Maximum Leader, whichever comes first.”
You can also Reserve an Action to undertake during your Movement, and condition your Movement on the trigger for that Reserve Action. “E.g. I will reserve my Challenge Action to blast Maximum Leader with my Annihilating Blast, then I will fly across Capital City until I reach the Statue of Fortune or until I spot Maximum Leader.”

Team Attacks
Character 1 has Extra Attack. Character 2 has reserved his Challenge Action to Team Attack with Character 1. If Character 1 Team Attacks with Character 2, can Character 1 still use his Extra Attack afterwards?
Yes. Character 1 can use his Extra Attack after his Team Attack with Character 2. Character 1 could also use his Extra Attack as part of the Team Attack, if that were advantageous.

Trick Attacks
How do I strangle somebody?
Choking or Strangulation isn’t explicitly addressed in the rules. In some cases, it could be handled as a Touch-Range Targeted Physical Incapacitating Paralysis power stunt. In general, you have to reduce a character’s Health to 0 to knock them out; it can’t be bypassed without a Power.

Chapter 9 FAQ
FAQ questions relating to Chapter 9 will be found here.