Axioms on DriveThruRPG

I confess to not being a member of Patreon, but I was wondering if Axioms has progressed past Axioms 4 (plus the special release one). I've bought them all on DTRPG, but can't help but notice there hasn't been a new one in ages. Are they now limited to Patreon?

as far as i can tell, nothing beyond issue 4 has had the individual articles collated into a single PDF, neither on DTRPG nor on patreon.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to assemble them, and right now the Patreon has slipped below the $500 goal of releasing Axioms.

I'm taking some steps in 2018 that should get us back in action, and will retroactively release the missing issues.

We're at $501 right now!