[BCK] Possible error with Lizardman Warrior experience value?

I'll keep this brief, lest I start to unintentionally blather. I was looking into how Lizardman classes in Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu were built. The racial value for them is not present in the book - possibly an error in and of itself depending on if it was an intentional ommission or not - but seeing as the book was made by golan2072 I have to assume that his version of the race from this thread is what got used.

At a glance  this seems to work out for the classes presented, but there seems to be a little error in Lizardman Warrior. The book lists level 2 experience value for them at 2,350 - a value that'd be correct assuming Lizardman 2, Hit Die 2, Fighting 1 (+1 from Lizardman), but Warrior also trades down it's armor selection from Unrestricted to Broad, and since it effectively has Fighting 2 it should increase the xp value by another 150 xp (for a total of 2,500) due to 1 custom power gained.

So, uh, yeah... since I found this I figured I might as well bring it up so that it might get corrected in some future errata (or so that I might get corrected if I missed some obscure rule that makes me wrong here). Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if this one or General would be better, so I decided to err on the side of one that might be more "visible"


PS. Since I'm making a thread about errors anyway: Heroic Fantasy Handbook download on drivethrurpg.com is rather confusing as it shows two files - one bookmarked, other one listed as "v1.1". Going by the update log the bookmarked file should be the most recent one, but it has an error (cut-off sentence at the very end of Chapter 4) that isn't present in v1.1. So either bookmarked file is older despite what the change log claims, or it has an error to be fixed, not sure which.

IANAA, and I don't have BCK. That said, I would guess that because the class has Fighting 1 and Lizard 1, it doesn't count as having Fighting 2 and doesn't take the tradeoff penalty. Elven Spellswords do something similar, where they use the Fighter save progression by having HD 1, Fighting 2, Arcane 1, Elf 3. If the ranks in Elf stacked with Arcane for any purpose but the benefits gained, Spellswords should use the Mage save progression. Fighting 1, Lizard 1 grants the benefits of Fighter 2 but is otherwise not Fighter 2, and doesn't need an XP penalty for tradeoffs.

This sort of sneaky loophole is why players don't get to build classes. If you think they need the XP penalty, add one.

To be honest, that sort of thought did cross my mind, but I discard it thinking that it goes against the spirit of why that Fighting trade-off cost exists. Your post though reminded me that Beastmen classes in Axioms exist, and looking at Orc Warrior he too gets trade-offs at no XP cost.

So I guess that “sneaky loophole” is official. Oh well, live and learn… Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

BCK's author here. Checking this out - if this was an error on my part...