Birthright Random Events Table

I know the OA random events table has been discussed here. There is one in the BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting book as well and I have adapted it to be used with ACKS. Mostly the events offer roleplaying/adventure opportunities or affect income or domain morale. Thanks for your thoughts.

Immediate thought: 1d6x2000 on gifts is a lot! I’d take a leaf from the surprise tax favor and have it scale proportionately to income somehow.

I love it. Birthright and Oriental Adventurers were both inspirations for ACKS. Great to see some of their features re-purposed.

I expect the x2000 is a direct translation from Birthright, since its unit of account for realms was the Gold Bar, which was equivalent to 2000 gold pieces.

You’d be right. Though Susan is right that I probably should have changed it to something else.

Thanks Alex!!

Birthright also has a table for when you as regent send your henchmen to solve some problem so you can figure out what happens in a single roll. It’s basically a 1d6 roll with different degrees of success/failure depending on whether you’re sending a skilled or unskilled hench or simply ignoring the problem altogether. Most of the table is “GM Fiat” but I think could be worked into a 2d6 reaction table for ACKS use.

2- = disaster (problem continues and either worsens or you suffer additional losses)
3-5 = failure (problem continues unabated)
6-8 = fair success (problem is solved, but you suffer its penalties this month)
9-11 = great success (problem is resolved particularly well, penalties this month reduced)
12+ = fantastic success (problem is immediately resolved, no penalties)

With bonuses of +/- 1 for various factors like HD of wandering monsters vs level of the henchmen, whether they have appropriate proficiencies, etc.

The main thing I think is to have the character either go on an adventure (getting the attendant benefits and risks), engage in some other activity (magic research, etc.), OR deal with threats personally and avoid the attendant chance of failure that accompanies having henchmen do it, without having to fully detail everything that happens. This would especially be helpful if you want time to move relatively quickly in a generational/Pendragon style game, maybe? (Something I’m still contemplating!)