Botching Ceremonies Using Talismans

I'm in the process of putting it all together (the rules), bear with me: If you perform a ceremony using a talisman, you don't need your traditional implemets, but if your ceremony is botched, your traditional implements takes one level of damage, so, if you botch a ceremony using a talisman do your traditional implements still take damage? (I'm thinking, no, but yes to possible mishap).

Also, can you use a talisman to assist you in making a trinket? That is, if your Talisman grants +1 to elemental fire, then you try to put an elemental fire spell into a trinket, do you gain the bonus of your talisman to your ceremony throw in creating the trinket?

Myke - Using the talisman protects you from the risk of having your implements damaged. You can use the talisman to make a trinket, yes.