Bullet list of what makes ACKS different from regular D&D

mhensley sagely suggested that we need such a thing, and maybe use it for the ACKS back cover. What things do you think belong on this list?

These are the ones that always jump to mind for me:
Campaign roles for the classes
Dominion Rules
Stronghold Creation
Trade and Arbitrage
Balanced Economics
Magic Item Creation

Two more:

  1. Throws and rolls. It makes it so much simpler than any other system to explain what’s going on to new gamers or my friends who never give shit and just want to kick ass.
  2. The class system/proficiencies. Easy to customize, without adding a skill system that’s so annoying in 3E. You can be a berserker and don’t have to spend 32 points on silly skills like Search or Observation or whatever.
    I don’t know how to word these well, but they’re features that led me to ACKS as my favorite system.

You probably also want to just list basic stuff like what races and classes are included. I know that’s always one of my first questions when looking at a D&D type game.

Some aspects of ACKS I am quite proud of:
Throws and rolls
Proficiency system
Permanent wounds and weird side effects from mortal blows
Improved combat effectiveness of fighters
Improved thief mechanics
Unique dragons with special powers
Cross-breeding, necromancy, divine power
Balanced economics
Magic item creation

Hijinks are very awesome, it’s worth some brain cells figuring out how to describe the mechanic in a bullet.

You might want to mention the presence of classic character classes along with more unusual, campaign-specific ones, like the Bladedancer or Craftpriest.