Buying A Real Copy of ACKs?

I went to Amazon to see if they had ACKs as I have been using the PDF and print outs to play it. I was also after a copy of Castles and Crusades. They are sold out of ACKs though and is there any word on new books any time soon?

GameSalute sent out the reprints just a few weeks ago, but they don’t seem to have an up-to-date page to buy it, and the Buy Now links on Autarch’s page don’t work…

As far as I can tell, there should be physical copies unavailable (unless this printing already ran out), but go figure where you can actually order them!

Thanks I was hoping to get real copies of ACKs and Castles and Crusades in time for Christmas.


You should be able to get a hard copy through Game Salute. The Buy Now link here on the Autarch forums acts wacky… but:

  1. Click on it (the “Buy Now” link at the top of the Autarch homepage).

  2. Click on the image of the ACKS book and pdf bundle with the Game Salute logo underneath it.

  3. You’ll get a “Page not found”, but will be on Game Salute’s website. On that page, click on the link “buy games”.

  4. On the page that pops up, look for the Autarch link and click on it.

  5. Click on the ACKS REPRINT image and add it to your cart!

I did this about a month or a bit more ago. At that time, the reprint was listed as “RE-ORDER”, so I thought I’d have to wait a while, but I received the reprint within 7 days of ordering it.

I kind of want to get it with some other books rather than pay $20 shipping per book.

I don’t know your situation, but You can have it shipped free if you’re in the U.S.

I’m not in the USA but New Zealand. I tend to buy 5 or 6 books at once from Amazon or Book so I can get free/cheap shipping when they do deals.

Ah! I see now.

Game salute posts internationally?

And is the game $30 or $40 with the $10 off code for buying the PDF?