Ceremonial Magic While in Armor

My apologies if this has been answered before.  I have searched several times, but couldn't find anything on this in the forums.

Can a Ceremonialist release a spell from a Trinket while wearing armor?

If a character is proficient in armor, they can use any spells, ceremonies, or similar magic abilities they possess while wearing said armor.

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This got me looking up the Armor Training ability from the Heroic Fantasy Handbook, and in the Player's Companion it explicitly states:

Armor Training: The character may fight wearing armor up to 2 points heavier than normally permitted by his class without penalty. Armor Training profciency does not grant the character the ability to cast spells in armor, use thief skills in armor heavier than leather, or beneft from profciencies or class powers that forbid use of certain armor.

Unfortunately, this still doesn't answer my question.  A Ceremonialist could not perform ceremonies in armor, but could he activate a Trinket?

A ceremonialist who is proficient in armor can cast spells or use trinkets when in armor.