Character Build Archive!

For now, this post is a place holder for a project that is coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Hello Ascendant Fans! I come here to announce the first official Ascendant Character Build Competition!

Rules are relatively simple.

  • Submit your builds between June 23rd 2023 and July 23rd 2023 in a reply post below.

  • We have a panel of 5 Judges including the head of Autarch that will review and grade the build for how effectively it captures the ability’s of the selected version of the character,

  • how efficiently it does this (fewest points required, ext.) and how well it does it in a way that a GM would be willing to allow at a table for play form a player, or would be willing to use as an NPC build.

  • Cleanest implementations of the rules will generally be favored for the win!

  • Submissions must also use the Ascendant Character builder, linked here!

The winning build, and a runner up, will be permanently archived on the Autarch Forums, with credit going to whomever submitted those builds. In this way they can be used going forward either as a template for players that want to figure out how to build an analog or expy of a favorite character, or for GM’s that wish to run games set in that universe and have that character as an NPC players can interact with, ally with, oppose, ext. And of course, winners get bragging rights! And who doesn’t love bragging rights?

After submissions close Judges will review all builds and find there favorite, and a runner up. These will be announced, and then we will start all over again with a new character or version of a character.

Note: Version of a character. Many characters have had lot’s of iterations over years and decades, some quite radically different from one another. The Batman from The Adam West 60’s TV show is an entirely different character from The Batman seen in Chris Nolands Dark Knight Trilogy, for example. So, hit as close too the version specified in the contest as possible!

With that all said, for this first contest, the character to build will be:

Wonder Woman!

Specifically as depicted in the 2017 Theatrical Movie Starring Gal Gadot. Please refrain from including any additional DCCU material for her such as things introduced in the movies sequel or The Justice League Movie.

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing your builds! Good luck and have fun!

Alright all Ascendant fans! The contest is now closed. Thank you all for your time. We look forward to seeing you next time!