Character Building Discussion

Let's continue the party's discussion of character builds here.

Can I get a quick tally of what everyone is interested in playing? I'm happy to gap-fill. 

Alright, so, I can pick something else if I want, but in the interest of doing stuff because I'm bored, right now I'm looking at:

Start with:

8 16 9 12 11 13

Lower my dex and con from 12 and 11 to 10 and 9 to make INT 18. Invoke special rule to raise STR to 9. End result: Str 0, int +3, wis 0, con 0, dex 0, cha +1. A fine mage. 

80k puts a mage at level 7, granting me access to up to 4th level spells. I get to pick one of each level so:
1. Summon Berserkers
2. ESP
3. Clairaudience
4. Scry

Would the GM kindly roll the rest of my spells?

Let's get the mage spells warmed up.

16 is Shield, 11 is Magic Mouth, 17 is Silent Step, 21 is Summon Berserkers (dup, will re-roll), 18 is Sleep, 22 is Unseen Servant.

18 is Ogre Power, 1 is Alter Self, 21 is Summon Hero, 17 is Necromantic Potence.  If your character is Lawful and wouldn't use a spell like Necromantic Potence, let me know and we'll re-roll.

9 is Fireball, 14 is Hold Person, 10 is Fly, 3 is Chimerical Force.  Those are some nice rolls.

18 is Spectral Force, 19 is Spell Storing, 4 is Conjure Ooze.

My alignment preference is Lawful, but I am comfortable with Lawful in a Neutral party. It looks like everyone is comfortable with me playing muscle; I will ruminate a bit more on which class will suit me the best.

I'm going Lawful for sure. Well, as Lawful as you can be while breeding uniclams. 

Re-rolling for Susan.  21 is Summon Hero.  Another re-roll coming up.  Stinking Cloud it is!

I would like to reroll Necromantic Potence.

That aside, let's see: 

Shield, Magic Mouth, Silent Step, Sleep, Unseen Servant, Summer Berserkers

Ogre Power, Alter Self, Summon Hero, Necromantic Potence, Stinking Cloud, ESP

Fireball, Hold Person, Fly, Chimerical Force, Clairaudience  

Spectral Force, Spell Storing, Conjure Ooze, Scry



By Tzeentch these are some fine spells! It's almost as though the dice roller were sitting over my shoulder while I was trying to choose. I AM GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN CONJURING OOZES. 


Also, I would like to take all the Gold for Magic options I can afford, since it says I can take each one once. 


So, just to keep track of my budget: 100,000gp minus 44,000 for magic items leaves me with 56k. I'd also like to throw money into a hench (Say, how do you feel about a Thrassian? I've got that fifth set with the terrible CHA and terrific STR.)

Let's say Wonderworker, set 3 swaps Cha for Int and trades 2 points of Con for 1 point of Int.  12, 16, 12, 12, 11, 12.  (Alas, poor Con bonus, I knew him, Horatio.)  Starts at level 6, repertoire is 4 spells each of levels 1 through 3.  Picks are Charm Person, Mirror Image and Fireball, and I'm ready for rolls.  

I have this urge to take *all* the henchmen.  Cleric, bard, explorer?... I was thinking thief for set 4, but if I go Lawful he may be a Mage instead.  I'll finalize those in a bit.

Three 1st level, three 2nd level, three 3rd level spells for Dave R.

Floating Disc, Chameleon, Jump

Invisibility, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Invisible

Hold Person, Clairaudience, Command Person

Note that, before the game starts, I will allow PCs to add spells from scrolls purchased in the chargen stage into their spellbooks immediately if desired.  I will also allow immediate repertoire swaps for free.

Once the game starts, the rules regarding changing one's repertoire come into play.

Well, not all the strongest, but not terrible either.  Kind of an illusionist/enchanter bent.

Let's roll the dice on magic items, 1k, 3k, 10k, 30k.  I'll definitely take the one by one chances over all or nothing.  If I can get it I'd like the 2:1 ratio for formulas instead of items on potions only, but everything else as items or scrolls is good.

I'm fine with rolling repeatedly, and I can't complain about the rolls so far. Three new spells in my spellbook seems like a fair investment, esp. 4th level ones. 

Primary Hench Concept: Start with set 1. Choose Paladin. Sacrifice INT and WIS to boost CHA and then STR, for end result +1 str, +3 cha, -1 dex and con. Spend 40k on xp for him to make him a 6th level paladin. Give him these proficiencies: 

Gen 1: Riding
Gen 2: Leadership
Class 1: Command
Class 2: Laying on Hands
Class 3: Military Strategy

Ser Emmon Sommer is a veteran knight whose years of battle are beginning to catch up with him as his legs and lungs stiffen. He's more valuable now for his experience and leadership ability than his skill with a blade, although I'd trust either with my life. 

Note that I have no problem with PCs swapping magic items but also consider that you can give items to your henches as well.  If you're a mage with a +3 shield, maybe it behooves you to hire a Fighter to stand in front of you and absorb blows whilst you sling spells?

Note the addition of the House Rules thread, as the section on Proficiencies is important while building characters.

That... isn't bad at all.  Continues the enchanter theme for some reason, but that's okay.  Lawful or not, I trust my deity isn't the patron of free will.

Sharpness goes in my spellbook, and I'll invest in a very sturdy scrollcase for the others.

Henchmen up next.  You're right (below) about a fighter bodyguard, but none of my statblocks scream fighter, so I'll give it some thought.

So my sets were:






#3's already my PC: 12, 16, 12, 12, 11, 12, Wonderworker 6

One's a cleric of my same god (tbd), no point swaps are possible, level 4 costs me 6000 gp.

Two just screams bard, so 8, 9, 9, 13, 10, 18.  level 4, 5600 gp  Weapon Finesse looks likely.

Five's got to be either an assassin or explorer; either way stats go to 13, 8, 9, 13, 7, 10.  That Con penalty hurts either way, so he's never quite going to be a tank.

Four... could trade into a 16 Dex thief and keep his Int bonus for the proficiency, or trade everything away to be a 18 Int mage.  I liked thief more before I had my PC, but a mage apprentice to balance my cleric chaplain is tempting now.

More later, if you have any kibbutzing or suggestions chime in quick!

Maybe Susan's Mage WAS Chaotic before donning the Cap of Alignment Changing!

Re: Spellbook: For sure! Does that use up the scroll?

A +3 Shield, a +2 axe, and a Sword of Dragonslaying? Looks like my henches are well kitted. Drums of panic are pretty rad too.