Character Creation

This is the thread for Character generation. Please restrict your posts to Character Creation, as there will be an Out-of-Character thread for other discussion. We’ll be using the standard ACKS Character Creation Rules (ACKS Core, pg. 16), including the optional rule allowing the creation of 5 Characters, pick 3 (the other two will be given to me for later use as NPCs).

All Classes in both ACKS Core and the ACKS Player’s Companion will be allowed, with the exception of the Thrassian Gladiator and Zaharan Ruinguard.

The order of Ability Scores (for the purposes of determining which rolls are which) are as follows: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma

Please make a seventh 3d6 roll for each Character; this will either be your roll for starting Gold, or a Template (your choice after the roll).

Arcane spellcasters can roll randomly for their starting spells (assuming you don’t select a Template), and can choose to roll on either the ACKS Core Spell Index (1d12), or the ACKS Player’s Companion Spell Index (1d24; let’s hope the roller handles it!). Duplicate rolls result in an empty Repertoire slot. You may, if you wish, leave a Repertoire slot empty. Note that I reserve the right to intervene in the case of a pure spellcaster if I feel your rolls have left you ineffective.

All Characters will start with maximum Hit Points at 1st Level.

All Equipment is available during Character Creation, but during play will be determined according to Market Class. Any joint or party purchases at the start will happen during play (and hence be limited by available Market Class). All non-extravagant clothes are free.

I have some time now, so let’s roll some dice! I’ll figure out what I’m doing with them later.

Edit: Holy crap that first character is ridiculously good.

Here are four of the five sets. I think, at least.

Looks like I was short two rolls on the last one, and need one more set of 7.

To clean up the rolls I am going to go either with set 1 (11, 13, 11, 10, 12, 16, 9) or set 2 (10, 8, 14, 9, 15, 14, 11). I will figure out a class later.

That first one would make one heck of a Gladiator! Or, whatever else you want, frankly; that 17 could feed an 18 in most other Prime Requisites.

Your Class selection looks pretty wide open between these two.

At risk of spamming, I will keep this manageable for myself with one character per post. Also, first time I’ve tried the dice roller.

edit: NPC

A good-looking idiot?

I would argue that Strength is really non-essential for a Thief. A Thief doesn’t need to be a strong combatant, although with a 16 Dex you can also just stick to Ranged.

Character 5

edit: I should say NPC, but 16 Dex Thief is possible, except for the 4 Str, and everything else. Will consider what to do with #2 before I call it.

edit 2: NPC. Bob’s right that he’s probably stronger than he looks as a thief, especially in a large party, but I’ve already got a character concept for Two, so Five is odd man out.

Alrighty. I haven’t rolled straight 3d6 in…forever, so I feel I’m due.

Evidently what I’m due for is (just looking at high prime req):
Character #1, Cleric/Exorcist, Priestess/Missionary
Character #2, Anything (but for WIS)
Character #3, Thief , Thief-Acrobat
Character #4, Mage, Eunuch Sorcerer…really?
Character #5, Thief, Lockbreaker

I’m kinda eyeballing that #2 Everyman character real hard for something. Loves me some everymans.

:stuck_out_tongue: I subscribe to the theory that a 3 is an idiot (but still functional), and a -1 stat mod is just a little unimaginative or methodical. But now I’m picturing a Prince Valiant kind of guy with a square jaw, long blond hair flowing in the breeze, who manages to strike a bold pose while standing around… and… well, that’s all there is really. What you see is all you get.

Character 3

edit: Cleric or Craftpriest. I like Dex and Con too much to trade up to 16 Wis though.

edit 2: Cleric, but I’m going to sleep on proficiencies.

You don’t have to take a Template (and hence, be a eunuch)… it is merely an option.

And what, exactly, is wrong with a Bard? I loves me some Bards.

Oh, I’m not worried about that. That was just more surprise in getting one of ACKS’ many …life altering rolls… so early in the process :slight_smile:

Besides, wenching is a horrible time-sink, as my first few college report cards would attest.

Alright, castration it is, then!

Yaaaaaaa[the sound of snips, a change in pitch]eeeeey!!!

You can build out your Character here, as well as make any additional rolls required. Once that nears completion I’ll start a Character Sheet thread which we’ll use to keep track of the current state of each PC.

All Characters will start with maximum hp at first level, by the way. I’ll edit the first post to note that.