Character Treasure

In this thread, each player will post the amount of coin and non-magical treasure each of their PCs and henchmen possess.  This will be extremely useful for the Judge.  I would like to see the history of debits and credits, not just the totals.

Please make only one post per PC and hench tree and edit it when necessary.

Please don't post any comments here, put them in the OOC thread instead.  



2x 4,000 gp Flawless diamonds

2x 2,000 gp Black Pearls

2x 1,000 gp Emeralds

8x 500 gp Topazes

30 gp

Alistar Stone:
15 gp

Emmon Summer

Mundo the Big Berg

Billious Slick
10 gp


History of debits and credits:
Starting wealth (after henches, mercenaries, magic items): 500 gp
1 sage hired in Ket to research Badlands, 45 gp.
4 fine horses, 396 gp.

6 weeks delicious iron rations, 18 gp
2 handlers for horses, 16 gp




Purse History:

  • -3700 for wine, women, song, swamp mushrooms and betting on illegal cage matches in Ket for Egil, Leila and Reinhart
  • -75 for Leila to buy good clothing in Avauntar and general expenses.
  • -25 for Reinhart covering various expenses in Avauntar.
  • -100 for brothel visits in Avauntar (Egil)
  • -100 for an attorney for the woodcutter
  • -50 for bribes of the judge deciding over the fate of the woodcutter


+25 gold from Egil


+25 gold from Egil



Taered Orc-Bane
coinpurse: one 5K gem, five 1K gems, one 500gp gem, two 100gp gems, 34 gp
total: 10,734 gp

coinpurse: one 500gp gem, two 100 gp gems, 10 gp
total: 710 gp

  • Fourthmonth 3, 300 YE: Tohopka pays 190 gp for two light riding horses + saddle & tack + pair of saddlebags (one for Mikyun, one for a future guide in Avauntar) and pays Mikyun 50 gp for two months service. He cashes one 500 gp gem, spends 240 gp, and adds two 100 gp gems, one 50 gp gem, and 10 gp to his coinpurse.

coinpurse: four 100 gp gems, one 50 gp gem, 20 gp
total: 470 gp

Vinric Lahes

  • Ten 1000 gp gems
  • Seven 100 gp gems
  • 300 gold in coins