Characters from Other Universes Discussion

Thought I'd separate the discussion from the posting of characters to make it easier for judging purposes.


[quote="Alex"] UPDATE: American Eagle feels that Superman is OP [/quote]

Because he is. DC seem to like going OTT in a way that Marvel doesn't - or at least not nearly so often or so egregiously. The fact that I found it hard to fit everything into the version I made up above should say something too. The old DC Heroes rules aren't much help either, because things like Ascendant's Power Limit or the Drawback cap have a pretty big impact on how you can build a character.


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[quote="Rhishisikk"] Some skills, such as Profession(photography) are accounted for in Spider-Man's base statistics. [/quote]

Sometimes for that stuff I've just given the character SPs of the relevant Skill equal to the relevant score. Eg for your Spiderman, 7 SPs of Profession (Photography). Cost is thus 0, but it's a helpful reminder on the character sheet that he's particularly good or interested in something.



[quote="Rhishisikk"] As Peter Parker is noted as one of the top ten minds in Marvel Earth (sometimes ranking in the top four), I really wanted to pump his INS up higher.  But - he does a lot of bone-headed things, too, so I was tempted to lower them as well. [/quote]

Yeah, I think that's one of the advantages of separating INT & WIS in traditional fantasy RPGs, but which Ascendant merges into INS.