Class Breakdowns

I dont know if this has been asked or answered somewhere before but I thought I would go ahead and ask it here.

Has anyone done a complete breakdown of all the classes from ACKs core and the Player’s Companion through the Custom Classes chapter?

Having a breakdown would allow me to wrap my head around things a little better so that I can see how its done. I know there are some examples throughout the chapter, but not enough for me evidently.

I’d like to make a few custom classes but I’m having trouble seeing it…


What classes are throwing you?
Fighter=Fighting 2, HD 2
Thief=Thief 3, Fighting 1
Spellsword=Fighting 2, HD 1, Elf 4

I think this topic covers all the classes from both books:

Thats kind of what I had in mind, but none of which shows the actual math… I have to see math, to understand it…

Are there any guidelines for custom races? Say, I wanted to make Bugbear as a playable cclass/race?

Some guidelines for custom races are buried in a gnomish infravision thread: