Class VI Villages in Hexcrawls

So I've had a sudden hexcrawl journey thrust on my as the Judge.  I've been looking around for good hexcrawl encounter charts (feel free to share your favorites), but I was specifically looking for an idea of how frequent all those Class VI villages that I never bothered to put on the map in the first place should be.

The party will be traveling in "civilized" lands, sometimes on a highway, sometimes not.  I'm using 6-mile hexes.  Any guidelines?

Any settled area with more than 40 people per square mile should have class VI markets linked by overland trade routes. The overland trade range for a class VI market is 24 miles so a class VI village should occur at least every 4 hexes along a road. At 40 people per square mile, 1 in 16 settled 6 mile hexes would contain a class VI village, at 80 people per square mile it would be 1 in 8. Hopefully that helps.