Class: Zaharan Dreadlord

This would be a Zaharan breed for power, trained in combat and magic as well as blesed by the dark gods and capable of commanding undead. For the players this class is a hard one to level, and with a low level celing. Yet Zaharans can cheat that by transforming into terrible undead lords.

Hit dice 1: 500xp

Fighting 2: 1000xp (weapons from unrestricted to narrow 3 custom powers and +450xp)

Cleric 1: 250xp (1/2 turn undead)

Zaharan 4: 2700

Xp for level 2: 4900xp

Custom powers:

Black lore of Zahar (combined with the 1/2 cleric the zaharan dreadlord would be able to control undead as a cleric of its level)

2 trade offs to have 2 powers at level 6 and 2 more at level 8

Level 6: Arcane strike

Level 8: Death healing

I still have to tink proficencies and the diven spell list.