Conditions: Recuperating

I ponder differences between the main acks book and the patreon condition.

A recuperating creature cannot be healed above 1 hit point.
A recuperating creature cannot attack or cast spells.
A recuperating creature has its movement rate reduced to ¼ its normal rate.

ACKS p 105
Some results on the Mortal Wounds or Tampering with Mortality tables will indicate that a character needs a period of bed rest to recover. During this time, the character does not regain hit points from natural or magical healing, and cannot take any action other than speaking and moving at half speed. If the character is killed again before he has had sufficient rest, he cannot be treated or restored to life by anything less than ritual magic.

The condition is a lot less strict about what actions you can take.
The condition has move at 1/4 speed, while the book has 1/2. But the condition does not restrict you from running, so you can run at 3/4 speed :slight_smile:
The condition has no special consequence on being killed again.

I assume this is all intentional, and the condition replaces the text from the book. I like it, (I think the last line from the book is a bit harsh) but I think there should be some consequence of being taken down again before you recover from the previous mortal wound. Maybe a penalty to the mortal wounds roll?

I also think there should be some penalty if the bed rest is interrupted or delayed, or if the creature performs strenuous activities (or maybe it can’t perform strenuous activities at all?).