Conscript Equipment: Rylian Questions Vol. I

So I'm currently working on a spreadsheet for the details of peninsula the size of central and eastern europe that has been thrown into brutal war for about 70 years with no signs of stopping. The goal is to eventually have a resource that can accurately show how many troops a kingdom has, so that when I start more of a wargame campaign in the acks system, I can easily track how many troops are where, and why they might have a specific unit. 
There are about a dozen factions, as when the empire fell, the kingdoms it loosely held control over also fractured under their own weight, and these factions were strong enough to survive. However, a lot of them have different terrains and styles of fighting. 

I bring this up because I will be asking more of these questions for feedback instead of simply brooding about them while I'm at work.

For my first question, a faction to the far north, Nordkrieg, has an advantage in that it puts a lot of stock into it's heavy infantry. Campaigns has heavy infantry normally listed with banded plate, but they are listed with heavy plate. Is there anything that disavows that from happening? What about light infantry with zweihanders? Lightly armored heavy infantry?