Construction costs and free cash in communities

In the VILLAGES, TOWNS, AND CITIES OF THE REALM section, is it possible to present two additional figures:

  • how much it would cost to build a realm able to hold the listed number of families? This would be useful if, for example, colonists wanted to estimate the cost of building a hamlet, lords promised to rebuild a village destroyed in war and needed to know if their treasury could stretch that far, or generals were making decisions about the long-term consequences of allowing a city to be razed?
  • how much free cash is to be had (maybe with another column showing the amount of barter/liquidity)? The 3E DMG had this kind of value for its demographics, which I always found helpful.
    I think it’d be cool to have this shown in the table, and also to talk about the assumptions & formulae in the text to allow people to generate their own values for different campaigns.

I definitely second the request, the barter and liquidity is good stuff to have with the possibility of trade, and the costs to build various communities could track to the Villages, Towns, Cities table (could probably just extend that table with a liquidity column and a build column).

The new version of ACKS now shows how much it costs to build a settlement of different sizes. For example, it would cost 625,000gp to build a Class II city. It would take about 3.5 years as well (at 500gp/day). It would take 2,500,000gp and 13 years to build a Class I city like Constantinople.
I didn’t put in a liquidity value but there is information on the volume of goods, merchants, and so on in a city. I’ll have to include a “sacking the city” value in Domains at War.