Converting DC Heroes to Ascendant?

Recently purchased the hardcover, after owning the PDF for a year. Truly enjoy reading the game (haven’t TTRPG in many years). Was always a fan of the original MEGS system.

Has any one listed what powers convert from the DC Heroes rpg to what power from Ascendant?

I don’t think anyone has done a 1:1 conversion but in general they are both on similar logarithmic scales so it’s pretty easy to convert them.

Some things to note:

  • DC Heroes has both “Strength” and Body" whereas Ascendant just has “Might”. For characters with a different Strength and Body, use Super-Strength or Super-Stamina to differentiate.
  • DC Heroes has only “Dexterity” whereas Ascendant has “Valor” and “Agility”. Both will generally equal Dexterity, but if the DC Hero has particular skills you can mix it up.
  • DC Heroes “Intelligence” is Ascendant’s “Insight”.
  • DC Heroes “Influence” is Ascendant’s “Influence”
  • DC Heroes “Will, Mind, Aura, and Spirit” should be added together and divided by 4 to get the Ascendant’s Resolve.

So for instance
Catwoman is Dex 9, Str 4, Body 5; Int 9, Will 7, Mind 7; Infl 8, Aura 7, Spirit 7
In Ascendant she will be Val 9, Agi 9, Mig 4 (Super-Stamina 5), Int 9, Res 9, Cha 8.

In terms of powers, note that Ascendant’s Immortality is actually the equivalent of DC Hero’s Invulnerability.

Also Ascendant skills tend to be additive, while DC skills tend to replace stats, so you’ll need to look carefully at how to set certain skill-based heroes

I actually am speaking mostly about the Powers. I’m asking because of the very example you noted, and a few others.
Really appreciate the fast answer. Thanks.