Crusader Kingdoms of the Unholy Lands

I finally got last month’s session report up. We’ve been doing some between-session stuff via e-mail that I wanted to include.

Session 10: In Which the Legion Loots the Tomb of Sabban-Ka

Yesterday’s session report is up. The Legion has become a ruthlessly efficient dungeon crawling machine. Until they are tempted with a shiny toy.

Session 11: In Which the Legion Spins the Wheel

Great update! 


"Thjolstoff says that he will pay for everyone who spins the Wheel and survives to get matching badass Wheel tattoos." - I love it.

In general, I have found that "wheels of fate" and similar items are like crack for players. Addictive and very dangerous!

"Thirleiro has been assigned 10′ pole duty, and so is ordered to try to reach through the field with it and try to snag the staff with the grappling hook tied to the end of the pole. As the hook-and-pole rig penetrates the squishy field, it begins to dissolve. Then the irritated gelatinous cube squeezes through the archway, enveloping the thief, dissolving his genitals, and rendering him unconscious." -> HILARIOUS




The players who were around for the Basic D&D days were kicking themselves for falling for the gelatinous cube. It was great.

I think that putting a classic trick monster like the gelatinous cube, green slime, or rust monster, and a random weirdness generator like the Mystic Stone from B1 In Search of the Unknown in your starting dungeon is almost as essential as stocking it with the standard magic item set (sword/shield/armor, elven cloak and boots, staff of healing, and wand of paralysis). Gotta remind them what game they’re playing.

Yesterday’s session report is up. Hard to believe it’s been a year already.

Session 12: In Which The Legion Finally Conquers Cynidicea

Sunday’s session report is up. Turns out that a barbarian teamed with a wizard with a wand of paralysis makes for a very effective ambush.

Session 13: In Which the Legion Drives the Zargonians From Cynidicea

The latest report is up. Hubris is beginning to take its toll. Milnos was crippled and will be out for a couple of weeks. It is the start of a new game month, which may prove especially inconvenient for the Legion if Zargon shows up to complain about the lack of sacrifices before their main wizard recovers.

Session 14: In Which the Legion Explores the Zargonian Stronghold, the Eye of Zargon, and the Galleries