Custom Class: Priestess of Covellia

New Class: Priestess of Covellia

As patroness of magic, Covellia’s priestesses have some arcane ability in addition to their divine powers. They lack the ability to turn undead, and are not as proficient in combat as clerics, but they cast spells as a mage of 1/3 their level, and can use both magic items usable by either clerics or mages.

HD: 1d6, +1 hp per level after 9th
Attack Throw: 10, +2 every six levels
Save: as Cleric
Weapon: club, dagger, bola, and quarterstaff. The priestess of Covellia may use the two-handed weapon fighting style.
Proficiencies: I don’t know yet.

Upon reaching 9th level, the priestess of Covellia may build a fortified church, at half-cost. Upon completion she gains 5d6 x 10 0th level followers and 1d6 1st-3rd level cleric followers.

  1. 0 Catechist
  2. 1625 Acolyte
  3. 3250 Priest-Arcanist
  4. 6500 Curate-Arcanist
  5. 13,000 Vicar-Arcanist
  6. 26,000 Rector-Theurgist
  7. 50,000 Prelate-Theurgist
  8. 100,000 Bishop-Theurgist
  9. 200,000 Patriarch-Magician
  10. 300,000 Patriarch-Magician, level 10
  11. 400,000 Patriarch-Magician, level 11
  12. 500,000 Patriarch-Thaumaturge
  13. 600,000 Patriarch-Thaumaturge, level 13
  14. 700,000 Theocrat-Thaumaturge

The class was constructed with:
HD: 1
Fighting: 0
Divine: 2
Arcane: 1
I traded in turn undead for the ability to use mage items.

I’m interested in feedback; my main worry is that they’re pretty useless at first level. I assume that with Arcane 1, they don’t get arcane spells until third level?