Custom Class/Race - How many custom powers?

So I'm working on making a custom class, backed by a custom race. I'll share what I have in a little bit but for now I have a question about custom powers: how many custom powers does your race allow you? Is it considering drawbacks to get you to a net number of powers (Zaharan)? Or is it arbitrary to get a general racial balance (Thrassian)? 

Right now I have a lot of drawbacks to offset the powers. Drawbacks equaling 7 points and powers equalling 11 points to allow for a net of +4 powers. Is that sufficient? 


There isn't a theoretical limit on the number of custom powers that a race can grant; instead, the XP cost of the race is determined in part by its available custom powers.

There was an article on Patreon that describes the systems used, though that article hasn't made it into an issue of Axioms yet so access to it would require backing the patreon (at at least a $1 level for a month).

Alex once posted this guide (hurried in this topic) that I have used, no limits, but the more they have the bigger the XP.