Custom Class - The Za'hir (inspired by the Sha'ir)

My friend Ray and I love the Sha’ir class from Al’Qadim. So the other day he came up with this variation and adaptation for the ACKS system. It is very different than normal spell casters. Below is the post he made on our blog showcasing the new class. I thought I would share it here so all can see our take on it. Thoughts, ideas, and feedback are always welcome on it.


The Za’hir class is a descendant of the sha’ir from the AD&D Al Qadim campaign setting by TSR. It has been altered to fit the Arden campaign setting which uses the Adventurer Conqueror King System. It’s recognizable as a tribute to the original sha’ir but isn’t meant to be a purist’s interpretation, thus the name has been changed.

It isn’t possible to build the Za’hir class strictly by the ACKS Player’s Companion custom class rules, so some liberties must be taken. Any custom class has the potential to be broken, but the powers of the Za’hir run a greater than normal risk of creating issues in play.

Specifically, the Za’hir has access to both arcane and divine magic, has potentially unlimited casting, and can access spells that are of higher level than similar level characters should be able to cast. There are some mitigating factors as well, such as the uncertainty and significant time needed to retrieve a spell, potential backlash when accessing divine magic, and the need to protect their Genling servitor or lose all access to spell retrieval.

Liberties have been taken with the design and will be explained in the last section called “Behind the Curtain.”

Link to the Za’hir as a PDF file
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