Custom Race Classes

I posted the below to Google+, but I thought I'd bring up the same question here. What have people begun developing as far as Races in ACKS as per the Players Companion? 


So I'm kicking around a setting Idea that would require a few custom races. Humans and Dwarves I'll keep mostly as they are. Elves, halflings, and Gnomes are out. In their place I was considering Dragonfolk (the Council of Wyrms style half-dragons I was talking about earlier), Ratlings (rat-human hybrids snatched from fritz leiber), and Corbies (Slightly reptilian/saurian large ravens with archaeopteryx style hands and human intelligence).

For the Dragonfolk I was thinking of using the gnome as a basis, swapping out the Arcane stacking for Divine (Dragonfolk were the intermediaries of the old dragon-ruled empire, and devout followers of the Dragon gods), in addition the racial powers would be selected by the player based on the type of dragon he is tied to.

For the Ratlings I was going to work off the Thrassian, but with rat stuff instead of reptile stuff, or maybe just a few racial powers and stacking with thief.

Not sure what to do with the Corby. Any thoughts? Anybody been playing around with new races for ACKS? "

Not sure if you read it, but this is relevant.

Also posted this:

"Thinking it over here are some class ideas, i'll work it out further as I have time. Ratling Tunneler, Ratling Scavenger, Ratling Passer. Gold Dragonfolk Spellblade, Silver Dragonfolk Songmeister {bard}, Black Dragonfolk Poisoner {assasin}, Red Dragonfolk Savage {Barbarian}. Corby Hero, Corby Pilgrim {Priest}, Corby Sage. Faun Bergler {Theif}, Faun Trader, Ibex Warloard, Oread holywoman {Witch}. Additionally there will be some human classes added, Drakeslayer and Vivimancer! Also Half-Giant and Dragontouched proficiencies will be added in place of the Half-Elf Proficiency."

And this

"Vivimancers will be Magic-Users who trade a slower spellcasting level for powers that allow them to create constructs earlier, and also create symbiotes and grafts at low levels." 

Vivimancers being a class taken from Theorums and Thaumaturgy

Also this in a convo with a friend

"So you have Northern Sarah which is slavic, western Sarah which is Celtic/germanic, Central Sarah which is Greco-Roman, and easter Sarah which is asian, then you have the Northern Amberosians who’s cultures are modern derivitives of the height of Paleolithic culture, the far western Zyksos raiders who savage the coasts of Sarah, and the central/southern/eastern ambrosians who are only loosely known by the people of Sarah." 

Also pertaining to the Faun (male)/Ibex (male)/ Oread (Female) races

Ibex Supplicant (cleric), a Divine spellcaster either rejecting their chaotic origins, or an Ibex born of a Faun/Oread pairing who seeks out his fathers god faunus.

Faun Rebel (ranger), A faun born of the union of Ibex and Oread, they seek out the raiding parties and mercinary clans of their fathers race. 

Oread Devouring Mother (necromancer/witch), an Oread who found herself drawn to the culture of her ibex father, she  revears Sible, the goddess of Motherhood and the Grave.