D@W Campaigns - Equipment Costs and Training Costs

My players are trying to equip and train some conscripts. I am trying to figure out how many they can get equipment for in one month.

On the Training and Equipment Time and Cost table in D@W Campaigns, it says that equipping a light infantryman costs 85gp.

In the Mercenaries section, it says that a light infantryman has the following equipment [I’ve added the cost of the equipment from the tables in ACKS Core and D@W Campaigns]: 3 javelins [3gp], short sword [7gp], shield [10gp], leather armor [20gp], military tunic [1gp], cloak [1gp], pair of sandals [0.4gp], backpack [2gp], laborer’s tools [9gp], 4 stakes and mallet [3gp], mess kit [3gp], small tent [3gp], 2 wool blankets [4gp], and waterskin [0.6gp].

That equipment costs a total of 67gp. Why is that less than the Equipment Cost on the Training and Equipment Time and Cost table? What does that extra amount represent? There are similar discrepancies for heavy infantry, bowmen, and longbowmen.

I ask because I was going to base the availability of “conscript equipment packages” on the price of the most expensive single item in the package.

Also, I see there is a column for “Training Cost”. What does this represent? Does it include the recruit’s wages for that time, or is that a separate expense?

The military tunic is identical to the armiger’s tunic from ACKS, and costs 20gp. The substantial expense is intended to represent high-quality uniforms that can survive in the field and/or changes of clothes.

That yields a price for the kit, excluding armor and weapons, of (20+1+0.4+2+9+3+3+3+4+0.6) 46gp. I rounded the price of the standard kit from 46gp to 45gp for ease, justified on the assumption there’d be some efficiencies from a standard kit.

Training cost is the recruit’s wages during training.

Thanks Alex. That makes a lot of sense, but I wouldn’t have guessed it myself.