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Announcing: A hopefully helpful resource!

I loaded all the troop/unit data from the Campaigns and Battles tables into a single Excel spreadsheet, for ease of use. Then I added a nice front-end template that can be used for printing out “unit cards” four at a time, to hand out to prospective players during playtesting. I wish I could fit some nifty graphics onto the cards, too…


There are four cells that you need to enter.

  • In the “Number” cell, enter the number of troops in the unit.

  • In the “Scale” cell, enter the scale at which the unit is being represented. Note that quantities will be calculated relative to the chosen scale. For example, a Platoon of 30 infantry is at full strength, but a Company of 30 infantry is seriously understrength.

  • In the “Race/Exp” cell, enter either “Veteran” for veteran troops, or the race of any non-human troops (“Elven” or “Gnoll”). If the race is an exotic type with only one troop type, then enter the name as a plural (“Hill Giants”).

  • In the “Type” cell, enter any troop type available to that race (“Light Infantry A”).

Everything else should work automatically. The quantities that are scaled proportionally based on size are the BR, any wages/costs, the uhp, and the number of attacks. If you enter a size above the maximum allowed for that scale, the unit will be flagged as “oversized”.

Oh, look at you my new favorite internet accessible human being*. That is wunderbar!

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Oh my. This is very, very useful. And it appears it should be possible to add other troop types to the table, since you extended the VLOOKUPs to row 401, which will be useful to people tweaking things for their own settings (like golan’s Swords and Sorcery or Kiero’s Mercenary, Liberator, Tyrant). Thank you very much for writing this up and making it available to the community.

That is so great! Thanks for sharing it. This community is fantastic.