Damage to Objects / Structures

hi @all,

how do you handle damage to objects/structures? i can’t find rules for an object’s hp / shp anywhere.

for example in the dragon description is stated, that a dragon’s fiery breath continues if it melts (destroys) certain obstacles in its path. how do i know if damage is enough to do so?


Not sure if there is stated HPs for structures, but I know the Horn of Blasting description says “a small hut might be completely leveled with a blast from the horn, but a portion of stone wall 10’ wide might take three or four horn blasts…”

Which seems to indicate that really it’s just a Judge’s call.

I've done some work in Domains at War on structural hit points, but it's fairly slow going. When considering what an object's shp are, I have three sources (1) prior games, (2) history, and (3) material science.

Prior games have disagreed by over two orders of magnitude in their shp values. Compare the number of shots to destroy a wall with a catapult in 1e D&D and 3e D&D and you'll see what I mean. 

History has suggested that destroying stone is considerably harder than most editions of D&D have let on, e.g., 1,000+ catapult stones to cause a single breach.

Materials science uses tensor calculus and makes my head hurt. That said, I was able to roughly estimate the KE of different catapults in ACKS and get a rough sense of the hardness of stone v. wood.

For now, you can use the shp of ships as a guideline for assigning shp to wooden structures. Scale the shp down based on size. For stone structures, shp are probably on the order of 1shp per gp of the structure, and stone has a hardness of 12 (e.g. subtract 12 from shp dealt from each attack).