Deconstructing technology spells

I would like to know how the ‘technology’ spells in BCK are built. In particular Detect technology and Disable machine. I’m building a mechanist style cleric (drop turn add mechanist) and am interested in converting these to divine.

It seems detect is coming in around the 20 point trap or door mark but how does this interact with the divine multiplier for these effect if it technology instead?

Thanks in advance.

My design notes for them:


Short Circuit

Death: The spell targets a single robot or other machine (up to 10'x10'x10' in size) and causes a critical short circuit, "killing" that robot or machine. It fries the robot's circuits beyond repair.

Target slain (85), 1 creature (x1), range 60' (x0.7), instantaneous (x1), saving throw avoids spell effect (x0.5), targets objects (x1.25), affects machines/robots only (x0.75), arcane (x1). Total 27.89, Arcane 3.


Magnetic Pulse

Death: This spell generates a magnetic pulse emanating from the caster, shorting the circuits of robots and other machines in the area.

Target slain (85), 4d8 HD of creatures within 30' diameter (x3), Range 0' (x0.4), instantaneous (x1). Saving throw avoids spell effect (x0.5), Arcane (x1), only targets robots/machines (x0.75), able to target object (x1.25). 47.81 points, Arcane 5.


Disable Machine

Temporarily scrambles a machine's or robot's circuits, disabling it.

Death: Target held helpless (15), 1 creature (x1), able to target object (x1.25), affects robots/machines only (x0.75), range 60' (x0.7), duration 1 round/level (x4), saving throw avoids spell effect (0.5), Arcane (x1). 19.69 points, Arcane 2.


Network Shutdown

Temporarily scrambles the circuits of multiple machines or robots.

Death: Target held helpless (15), 4d8 HD of creatures (x3), able to target object (x1.25), affects robots/machines only (x0.75), range 60' (x0.7), duration 1 round/level (x4), saving throw avoids spell effect (0.5), Arcane (x1). 59.07 points, Arcane 6.


Detect Technology

This spell detects technological systems, devices, or creatures.

Detection: Detect technology in range (10), targets all technology in range (x1), range 60' (x1), duration concentration (x1), no saving throw permitted (x1), arcane (x1). 10 points, Arcane 1.

Thank Omer, very appreciated.

It looks like detect got bumped to 2 in the final, and I will keep it there for divine.

Disable goes to level three when I add the divine multiplier.

I also made this and shoe horned it into level 4.

Control Machines

Range: 30'

Divine 4 (Magi)

Duration: concentration

This spell allows the caster to take control of the programming or command functions autonomous machines within 30'. This spell cannot be used to control technological objects under an operators control. The spell may be cast at a single machine, which makes its save at -2, or at a group, in which case 1d4 of the machines in the group may be affected. Each machine targeted may resist the effect with a saving throw versus Spells. The commanded machines will respond to the caster’s will and do whatever is commanded of them. The effect lasts so long as concentration is maintained up to a maximum of 1 round per level of the caster.. Once control ends the robot or machine reverts to its original programming or command functions.

Control Machines: Take control of a single machine or group of machines.
Control Machine: Command targets (60), 1d4 creatures of any HD (x1.5), affects robots/machines only (x0.75), range 30' (x.8), duration Concentration, maximum 1 round per level (x0.9), saving throw avoids spell effect (x0.5), Saving throw is at -2 if only 1 creature targeted** x1.1, divine command (x1.5), total cost 40.095 = 40.1, level 4 divine